Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) – 17.-20.2.2024, Groningen

Eurosonic Noorderslag celebrates its 20 bday

Eurosonic Noorderslag (short ESNS) brings each year in January the live music industry from all over Europe together in the dutch town of Groningen, to both discuss the status quo vadis of the scene and discover many new talents.

The list for the 2024 edition, which gonna happen between the 17th and 24th of January, counts right now 105 new acts, more to be confirmed soon.

Here are five kaput tips:


English Teacher

Tamara Kramer


I Love You Honey Bunny

Uzi Freyja

More infos on Eurosonic Noorderslag

The full list so far goes like this:

Ada Oda (be), AGGRASOPPAR (fo), Angie (fr), Ão (be), ARAI (at), Bad Daughter (hr), Batbait (ch), BEX (at), Birrd (fr), BLUAI (be), Bo Milli (no), Brass Rave Unit (nl), BROCKHOFF (de), CATT (de), CHAiLD (lu), Chica Chica (nl), COLLIGNON (nl), Conchúr White (ie), crème solaire (ch), Cucamaras (uk-eng), Daniela Pes (it), Divorce From New York (es), Dlina Volny (by), Dottie Andersson (se), Duckshell (hu), ELASI (it), Elmiene (uk-eng), English Teacher (uk-eng), Fat Dog (uk-eng), Grand Sun (pt), gugusar (is), Güner Künier (de), Gunmoll (nl), Habla de mí en presente (es), Heave Blood & Die (no), Hei’An (si), Hippotraktor (be), Humour (uk-sco), I Love You Honey Bunny (cz), iedereen (de), IGNEA (ua), Iron Jinn (nl), ISHA (nl), Jana Mila (nl), jazzygold (fo), Júlia Colom (es), Julia Sabaté (nl), Kay Slice (nl), Kimyan Law (at), LA ÉLITE (es), Lambrini Girls (uk-eng), Le Boom (ie), Leatherette (it), LEILA (ch), Los Sara Fontan (es), Loupe (nl), Lucky Lo (dk), MARO (pt), Master Peace (uk-eng), MAURINO (nl), Melin Melyn (uk-wal), Mickael Karkousse (be), Mihail (ro), Morpheus (nl), Nathalie Froehlich (ch), NFNR (ua), Ona Mafalda (es), Pablopablo (es), Pip Blom (nl), Plié (lt), Ploegendienst (nl), Pol (nl), Polymoon (fi), Pommelien Thijs (be), Primaat (nl), Promis3 (be), Psyché (it), Quique (nl), Raghd (se), Reinel Bakole (be), Rens, Jaïr & Ome Uncle (nl), ROLROLROL (nl), ROSEYE (nl), Sekou (uk-eng), Sharktank (at), Shell Beach (hu), sinks (cz), slowshift (no), SUBFICTION (nl), Tamara Kramar (sk), The Indien (nl), The Love Buzz (ie), The Royston Club (uk-wal), The Vices (nl), The Winston Brothers (de), UNIVERSITY (uk-eng), Us (fi), UTO (fr), Uzi Freyja (fr), Vévaki (is), Viji (at), W!ZARD (fr), Wax Museum (de), Yaro Mila (nl), Yoni Mayraz (uk-eng), and Yung Dada (nl).


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