A kind of "family sleep

How little I know – forever in the children’s room

Whenever I talk to friends about their and my youth, I have the feeling that everyone else remembers rather more than I do. Be it kindergarten events, school anecdotes or first teenage dreams.

For a long time I concluded that they simply interpreted the threads of memory more freely. When I wasn’t in a good mood, I also brooded over the premature onset of dementia. Only recently has a theory of collateral damage been solidified in my mind, i.e. that many memories with formative unpleasant experiences that I should have had were unintentionally buried… by me.

It was Gertrude Stein who spoke of the fact that history takes time to form and that it is ultimately the writing of history that creates its memories. (Original quote: “History takes time. History makes memory.”; quoted from a fridge magnet).

What if we don’t have access to all historical events and the social contexts surrounding them, not because of manipulation, but due to personal reasons like our own self-protection or simply forgetting about them?

I have to think of the piece “Wie wenig du weißt” by Trinkwasser, the joint project by Jörg Burger and Lothar Hempel, now that I’m finally sitting down to pen this text I’ve been carrying around for a few days now.

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„Electric Lights - Women in Electronic Music“

IMOGEN: “I love things to be raw and emotive”

"Whenever I write music I always listen to it on the road, I think you get a much better idea of the track when you step away from the studio and listen to it when you’re getting about your day to day life."…

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A truly transcendental experience gonna happen in Philadelphia the upcoming weekend

Making Time w/ Dave P

Fellow transcendental artists share their first or most memorable Dave P moment with the world ahead…

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Photo Gallery, Cologne, Philharmonie, 16.9.23

Jeff Mills »Tomorrow comes the Harvest«

»Tomorrow comes the Harvest«, performed by Jeff Mills & Prabhu Edouard & Jean-Philippe Dary in Col…

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Noelia Maffiold & Felix Nisblé in conversation about "Desvestirse (Nacht 84 Remix)" and beyond

Noelia Maffiold “Being away from my home country made me feel closer to the sounds and the music in Colombia”

Colombian musician Noelia Maffiold talks about her experiences studying in Europe, workings as an ar…

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Le Guess Who? 2023 – an endless list of common faves and upcoming artists,

The summer ends and  fall knocks with all its power on our doors and souls – and thankfully Utre…

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Danielle De Picciotto & friends in conversation: Sarah Legault

Sarah Legault: “To be clear, I really didn’t know what I was doing…”

"My headphones always sooth any anxiety I feel when leaving my house solo. Music helps me think, it …

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Berlin Atonal 2023 – Festival – Pre-Report

Berlin Atonal 2023: Do not miss these 10 performances

Kaput tried the untryable and selected ten performances of Berlin Atonal 2023 you should not miss …

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