The Caustic Window / March 2022

The Caustic Window – We are all Spotifucked…

We are all Spotifucked…

There are mornings when you hear the driving mid-winter Berlin rain hitting the window with the violence of a hornet’s nest that has just been forced into an unwanted romantic tryst with a blunderbuss. Not some half-assed “GET OFF MY LAWN!” buckshot awakening of the small-town North American persuasion, but a proper capital M morning that anyone in their right mind would declare the day a complete and total non-starter.

An awakening so unjust and brutal, one has not a fucking chance of becoming ambivalent or used to, when, out of debilitating fear, one raises one’s head to figure out what in God’s name was making such an infernal racket and realizes it’s the utterly uncontrollable will of the Old Testament home-wrecking life destroyer of Abraham, the right and powerful true weather man, HE who’s spite has no end, forcing one to call it a fucking day, and pull the blanket up over one’s head and pray you’ve mistaken the noise as just one more in an endless stream of early morning road works or forgettable political insurrections, and not truly an “Act of God” as the cocaine addled insurance salesmen call it to screw you out of ever-increasing monthly payments.
Another in a long line of “Just go the fuck back to sleep” Berlin specials.

…and then there are other mornings which fill you with such rage at their sheer stupidity from noise of the online sort. Those that provoke an even greater level of the same burrowing ostrich-head response, praying to still more ancient Gods for a tranquilizer, pharmaceutical or, failing the availability of said happy pills, a swift blow to the head of the strongest order to make it all stop….

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“Electric Lights – Women in Electronic Music” w/ Louisa Pillot

Louisahhh: “This life is lonely, and it’s amazing to get to make stuff with people I love and respect”

Biographies are so wonky and self-aggrandizing. I wanted a short poem or something to articulate what I want my work to feel like, instead of a masturbatory list of things I’ve accomplished. I think ‘RAW COAL THROWN AT A WALL STILL BURNING’ is pretty accurate.…

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Kaput Podcast w/ Ramesh Srivastava

The true essence of Ramesh, Austin’s best-kept songwriting secret

Ramesh Srivastava: „My biggest wish is to keep moving forward with what I’m doing.“ Today…

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Monheim Triennale – a celebration of avant-garde musical experimentation

Monheim Triennale 2022: Let’s set sail for new musical worlds

"But the joy of this thing is the way it takes you back to the fundamentals: of playing, of listenin…

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“Electric Lights - Women in Electronic Music“

Suzanne Ciani: “”I’m stubborn and I try not to be lazy”

"For me, I gravitated towards a very slow rhythm, the rhythm of the ocean. The ocean represented a …

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation w/ Katrina Beale

Katrina Beale: “I am just beginning to feel the sense of a future and a space to plan into”

"I have always been inspired by artists that are interested in more than just the façade. I´m rare…

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Sparkly LA twosome bring their AOR-tinged meta-pop to London

Magdalena Bay live: fully-featured, total entertainment scenario

Piano prankster Gonzales once memorably opined, “I’m against music.. but for entertainment.” H…

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Deep Talk: House of Mirrors

Deep Talk: House of Mirrors

The exhibition "House of Mirrors" can be seen until July 31 at the Hartware Medienkunstverein in Dor…

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