A visit to Brazil after the election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Peace and Love in Brazil

Days after Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s victory  the announcement of the “Lula-Palloza” was set for the 1st January 1 2023  – simply the best vitamin to start a new year, a heart jump for joy for all of us who have crouched in these last four  years in Brazil.

And another perfect reason for me to spend a few days in Brasilia, the Capital of Brazil, the city that the Saint Don Bosco dreamed of in 1883 – with its big lake, palaces and riches that still did not exist in the heart of the continent.

It was in 1953, during the presidency of Juscelino Kubitscheck, that this utopian city, constructed with the ambition to equalize the social classes, began to materialize, the Capital of Hope as André Malraux called it. The construction began in 1956, the urban planning project was made by Lúcio Costa and the government buildings in charge of Oscar Niemeyer.

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He formed a band

“I am not drinking a lot of brandy and going crazy anymore” – Eddie Argos from Art Brut

Eddie Argos and his band Art Brut delivered the most exciting slogans of the noughties. An act that is as ironic as it is authentic. Most recently, the former journalist Eddie, who now lives in Berlin, has revived Art Brut. Marc Wilde met him after a concert.…

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James Ellis Ford – Interview – Depeche Mode

James Ellis Ford: “If I am really lucky I get a bit in the zone where time disappears”

I catch up with James Ellis Ford in his cosy home attic studio in London. And even though he is in t…

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"Nekromantik 2" – Soundtrack – Interview

Mark Reeder: “People in the East were camera shy”

"The fall of the Wall also opened up new opportunities to film. Unknown locations were literally eve…

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Shelly Quest: “Support the dreams”

"If you come from Chorweiler and this is all you see, and then you grow up, of course it is really h…

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Stefanie Kay Sparks & Dorothea Tachler – Interview – Video Premier My Favourite Things „Thunderstorm“

No fear & a Blueberry Thunderstorm

"In My Favourite Things, I usually do a deep dive into my own psyche and explore a situation or emot…

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Interview series on the current state of the women-led revolution in Iran

Maral Mohammadi “I might not see my home town again”

"I tried to prepare myself for losing my parents and not being able to say goodbye to them. I am now…

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Interview series on the current state of the women-led revolution in Iran

ARYA ZAPPA “Iranians want their country and culture back”

"Iran’s Persian culture was famous for poetry, philosophy, backgammon, architecture, polo, chess, …

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