Interview with Keeley Forsyth / Rewire Festival 2024 / EM GUIDE

Keeley Forsyth “I’m not even interested in my own life and my own thoughts“

"I’m having this physical "conversation – I'm treating my physical body as another form of langu…

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EM GUIDE – Interview by Stefan Juster



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EM GUIDE – Interview

Patricia Pietrafesa: Printed registers of subterranean culture in Argentina’s post-dictatorship

Pat Pietrafesa is a pioneer of the punk movement in Argentina. She edited the fanzine Resistencia. S…

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Danielle DePicciotto & Friends w/ Katherine Blake

Katherine Blake “I am a hopeless goth and romantic”

"My lyrics for Miranda Sex Garden have always strived to create a sensual and other-worldly tone. Th…

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ssolve is the result of a journey of artistic liberation. For the Vienna-based artist, the release o…

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Interview by Peter Dolník w/ Colin Stetson & Stian Westerhus –  EM GUIDE

“It feels almost profound to play live for people”

Two giants of avant-garde jazz and experimental music, saxophonist Colin Stetson and Norwegian guita…

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AN EM GUIDE feature by Michael Papcun

Re-Enchanted Kingdoms – or the idiosyncratic topography of contemporary Slovak folk-music

"This reconstruction of occultures and their ethos, or experimental revival of original folklore mot…

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Interview – EM GUIDE



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Feature – EM GUIDE

As loud as possible

In noise music, extreme volume is an effective means of involving listeners with their entire bodies…

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AN EM GUIDE feature by Michael Papcun

Don’t call me G, but rather next one

Slovakia is a small country with large regional disparities. This results in the experienced binary …

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Interview with Dan Koplowitz from Friendly Fire Licensing

“It is to demonstrate who my lotalty is – I work with the artists”

Friendly Fire Licensing is a sync licensing company based in Los Angeles. They represent a wide cata…

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Roisin Murphy: “You have to go out every night of the week”

Since the end of Moloko, Róisín Murphy has released solo albums with various producers (incl…

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Wen Hui: „I always say: my daily life is my technique“

"My life is following the route of the whole country of China. When the political system changed, wh…

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James Ellis Ford – Interview – Depeche Mode

James Ellis Ford: “If I am really lucky I get a bit in the zone where time disappears”

I catch up with James Ellis Ford in his cosy home attic studio in London. And even though he is in t…

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Malcolm Mooney „I’m a working man, not a celebrity.“

"There's no guarantee in music making a living. It's not like the guy that's driving the train. It's…

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40 Years of Touch – Interview with Jon Wozencroft & Mike Harding

TOUCH: „We survived because there’s a lot of things that we chose not to do, which has worked out really well“

"As much as Jon and Mike value memories and shared history they are driven by their ongoing curiosit…

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Astrid & Alexander – Interview

Astrid & Alexander – a mad and cinematic labour-of-love

"Their debut lp "[ romantic music plays loudly ]" is inspired by the unintended poetry that intrudes…

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Danielle De Picciotto & friends in conversation: Sarah Legault

Sarah Legault: “To be clear, I really didn’t know what I was doing…”

"My headphones always sooth any anxiety I feel when leaving my house solo. Music helps me think, it …

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Dekmantel Festival 2023

The deep love for the diversity of electronic music

So what remains of those ecstatic moments for which so many people came together and so many others …

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Danielle De Picciotto & Friends

Yvonne Ducksworth: “I’m a survivor, and there are a lot of walls”

"As a woman, as a Black woman, I saw that I had to be better in order to get anywhere, whether that …

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends: Charlotte Goldermann

Charlotte Goltermann: “Without music there would be no tears in the cinema!”

"We don't sign musicians because we think they're bad and want to improve them, but because we think…

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Conrad Schnitzler –  preprint

When Finished Products Become Set Pieces: An Approach to Conrad Schnitzler’s Intermedia Work

"I didn’t want to play normal scales, and couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to. That was my fr…

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends: Petra Wende

Petra Wende: “Places of dreaming, of beauty and tenderness, but also of dissonance and fractions”

"Petra has an inner delicacy and sensitivity paired with tremendous power, which is wonderfully refl…

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Interview, „Eternally Frozen“ (Maple Death Records)

Andrea Belfi: “I appreciate being temporary”

"I was part of the punk/hardcore scene in Italy in the mid 90s (...) This was a bunch of years that…

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends: Rosie Westbrook

Rosie Westbrook: “I tend to like music that is a bit dark, or abstract”

"Especially with the new album "Always the Sea", I wanted to re-create the landscape/seascape I was …

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Danielle De Picciotto & Friends: Delphine Ciampi

Delphine Ciampi: “Music becomes richer when it is composed together by different people”

Am I trying  to express something? I am not totally sure, but you know when you feel good, and you …

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He formed a band

“I am not drinking a lot of brandy and going crazy anymore” – Eddie Argos from Art Brut

Eddie Argos and his band Art Brut delivered the most exciting slogans of the noughties. An act that …

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"Nekromantik 2" – Soundtrack – Interview

Mark Reeder: “People in the East were camera shy”

"The fall of the Wall also opened up new opportunities to film. Unknown locations were literally eve…

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Shelly Quest: “Support the dreams”

"If you come from Chorweiler and this is all you see, and then you grow up, of course it is really h…

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Stefanie Kay Sparks & Dorothea Tachler – Interview – Video Premier My Favourite Things „Thunderstorm“

No fear & a Blueberry Thunderstorm

"In My Favourite Things, I usually do a deep dive into my own psyche and explore a situation or emot…

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Danielle De Picciotto & Friends: Jonnine Standish

Jonnine Standish: “A long rewarding description of what was originally maybe 5 seconds of life”

"My mother ran away from home as a young teenager and would never talk about her family again even u…

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends: Ellen Southern

Ellen Southern: “I can express myself best through the words of others”

"Everything has been felt before and I love remembering that, tapping into a timeless human connecti…

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Weekend Residency, Artist Talk: Claire Rousay by Hanna Bächer

Claire Rousay: “I’m really interested in universal human experiences”

"It’s different playing with or writing for an instrument versus writing for or collaborating with…

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends: Liz Lamere – Interview

Liz Lamere: “Treat me like I’m training for a pro-fight”

"My music reflects my energy and I gravitate toward higher intensity beats and sound. The common th…

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends

Susanne Deeken: “Creation protects me from internal and external harm”

"All my life, even as a little kid, I have been attracted by a certain melancholy or darkness and a …

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Farahnaz Hatam & Colin Hacklander  – LABOUR – Interview

Farahnaz Hatam & Colin Hacklander “Our hope is to bring awareness to listening through sound and the associated tactile elements”

Curation or organisation is just an extension of our artistic practice – we certainly do not consi…

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Danielle De Picciotto & Friends w/ Valerie Renay

Valerie Renay: “You need to face your own demons”

"Every type of separation, border, or frontier is arbitrary. Our brain is trained from a young age t…

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Anushka Chkheidze – Feature

Anushka Chkheidze: “When I play, I am really free”

Georgian musician Anushka Chkheidze is constantly searching for new influences and ways of expressio…

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Danielle De Picciotto & friends w/ Bettina Rust

Bettina Rust: “Memorize the answer and use it for the next question, fully engage with the other as the interviewer.”

"I consider it high art when people deal with language in a playful, humorous, and easy way. No flou…

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“Maybe one day I’ll buy a suit and go to office like Nick Cave” – The Grace Cummings story

Grace Cummings is a folk musician from Australia. Her second record is titled "Storm Queen" and with…

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“Like a sausage they’ve cut open” – A visit to the Whiskey Robber

The Hungarian folk hero Attila Ambrus committed twenty-nine robberies of post offices, travel agenci…

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Jordan Chanetsa – Interview – Participatory Residency Program ADKDW

„I am someone that loves to be seen – so it´s only right for me to want for other people to be seen too.“

"I just fear mediocrity, I don´t wanna be mediocre, I don´t wanna be simple – I am addicted to …

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Our next level Talkshow

Talking Kaput #09 Featuring Paula Irmschler, Diana Ringelsiep, Henry Lee

Another round of "Talking kaput", we're talking feminism and punk and at last Henry Lee plays her he…

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Farida Amadou – Interview – Meakusma Festival / Monheim Triennale

Farida Amadou: „I am not a big talker, I prefer to play music“

"I grew up in a kind of poor family, I'm second generation, my mum was a political refugee – ther…

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation w/ Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch: “I never feel nostalgic”

"I feel I am on a path I was destined to be on which involves setting an example of not settling to …

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“Electric Lights – Women in Electronic Music” w/ Paula Temple

Paula Temple: “Silence is an amazing creative tool for drama”

I had been reading all the scientific reports I could find on climate predictions between 2015 to 20…

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

Niagara Detroit: “Art should be political if the artist wants it to be political”

"My style quickly became a Noir Pop style. The 1930s-40s movies inspire because, let’s face it, t…

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Ciel: “never let fear stop you from accomplishing your goals”

"The last two years of time off from touring & performance & the competitive nature of the dance mus…

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“Electric Lights – Women in Electronic Music” w/ Louisa Pillot

Louisahhh: “This life is lonely, and it’s amazing to get to make stuff with people I love and respect”

Biographies are so wonky and self-aggrandizing. I wanted a short poem or something to articulate wha…

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“Electric Lights - Women in Electronic Music“

Suzanne Ciani: “”I’m stubborn and I try not to be lazy”

"For me, I gravitated towards a very slow rhythm, the rhythm of the ocean. The ocean represented a …

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Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation w/ Katrina Beale

Katrina Beale: “I am just beginning to feel the sense of a future and a space to plan into”

"I have always been inspired by artists that are interested in more than just the façade. I´m rare…

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"Potosí Principle Archive" - Interview with Alice Creischer & Andreas Siekmann - Akademie der Künste der Welt .

“We pursue a lot of things out of a need to rewrite history – and to keep bringing it back to a contemporary social practice.”

"What's exhausting about the Bitcoin currency is its value discovery. It consists of how much comput…

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