Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast The Week with Kelela

Kelela „If a white woman was doing the same exact thing that I’m doing, she would be probably ten times as big”

Sometimes it is not easy to listen to a conversation. But it is necessary. One hears clearly the str…

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Interview with Lukasz Polowczyk / EM GUIDE

“It’s just wild that all of this exists, that we are here to experience it”

Lukasz Polowczyk is a Berlin-based sound artist, poet, and educator. His brand new video art piece "…

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CocoRosie: „Guided by an inner force“

"We don't listen to much new music or music at all." CocoRosie in conversation with kaput. …

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Festival Announcement – Rewire – 4.-7.4.2024

Prädikat kaput: 11 Rewire 2024 performances not to be missed

Every April the spearheads of avant-garde and experimental electronic music gathers in The Hague for…

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Eugene Robinson 


Question: Who is Eugene Robinson?

„Now I realize what’s more true than not is that there are a lot of people who deserve to die, …

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Keikee “This is not a kaputt mix”

"For me, Acephale was a venue I could visit without hesitation. (...) as a DJ, it was a special plac…

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Xmas special feature

Astrid & Alexander’s Winter Guide to Cosmopolitan Food and Drink in European Cities (LDN, PAR, BER edition)

A good pub should of course be authentically old and a bit broken. Ideally there should be no televi…

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2023 – Annual review

“… I danced by violent times It was hard to live, live” – 2023, a year’s worth of 25 albums

Anohni and the Johnsons “My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross“ (Secretly Canadian) My Back …

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Sanaz Sohrabi – Interview

Sanaz Sohrabi: “Seeing the archive as a form of visual optic and conceptual prism”

"I think ecofeminist science and technology studies's approach to the legacies of extraction is much…

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10 Records for your Advent Weekender

Homesick, Bubblegum and West End Girls

Weekender-Crew: Ciel, Eleh, Isabella, Oum Shatt, Wolfgang Voigt, Pyur, Sam Dunscomb, Pauline Anna St…

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Merv Espina: “Access. Transformation. Emancipation.”

"I don’t really have a material or studio practice. I also don’t have storage space. These thing…

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Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) – 17.-20.2.2024, Groningen

Eurosonic Noorderslag celebrates its 20 bday

Eurosonic Noorderslag (short ESNS) brings each year in January the live music industry from all over…

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Photo Gallery, courtesy of Udo Siegfriedt

Phill Niblock presenting “The movement of people working” in Berlin

The Movement of People Working by Phill Niblock is a huge cinematic-musical monument. For his 90th b…

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Photo Gallery – Niclas Weber

The “Night of Surprise” in 11 pictures feat. Violent Magic Orchestra, 33 EMYBW ….

We are looking back on the latest edition of Cologne very own „Night by Surprise“ (which happene…

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Photo Gallery, Cologne, Philharmonie, 16.9.23

Jeff Mills »Tomorrow comes the Harvest«

»Tomorrow comes the Harvest«, performed by Jeff Mills & Prabhu Edouard & Jean-Philippe Dary in Col…

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Berlin Atonal 2023 – Festival – Pre-Report

Berlin Atonal 2023: Do not miss these 10 performances

Kaput tried the untryable and selected ten performances of Berlin Atonal 2023 you should not miss …

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Summer Sonic 2023, Tokyo


"... You have to imagine the audience in Japan as extremely attentive in general. It is almost dead …

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Uckermark Festival 2023

Close to the people with a subtext

"We don't have a cultural mandate. It is voluntary" The festival takes place every two years and ta…

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Honma Museum of Art (本間美術館, Honma Bijutsukan) – Site Visit

Honma Museum of Art

The Honma Museum of Art, situated in Sakata, Japan, was the first privately-owned art museum in Japa…

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Osorezan Bodaiji Temple  – Site Visit

The doorway to the underworld: Osorezan Bodaiji Temple 

The Osorezan Bodaiji Temple Osorezan (translated as "Fear Mountain"), situated on Mount Osore, is a…

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モエレ沼公園 / Moerenuma Park in Sapporo

モエレ沼公園 / Moerenuma Park by Noguchi Isamu

Moerenuma Park (Japanese モエレ沼公園), located in the Higashi-ku district of Sapporo, the ca…

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Ainu culture – Kotan Ainu Museum – Umeko Ando

A visit at the Teshikaga Town Kussharo Kotan Ainu Museum

Five years ago we featured on kaput an interview by Andi Otto with the musician Oki Kano that origin…

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Video Clip Premier, Sexy Lazer, "Mid Life Crisis"

Sexy Lazer: “When a personal spiritual crisis hits, you feel it. It’s confusing, wavy, sad and bad.”

Kaput met the Icelandic Pop Music eccentric in Cologne at the performance of Hasan Poppu. It was not…

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Behind the scenes of "Abashiri Prison"aka"Abashiri Bangaichi" aka "A Man from Abashiri Prison"

When in Abashiri … go to Prison

With his 1965 movie "Abashiri Prison" director Teruo Ishii kickstarted in 1965 an extensive series o…

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King Ludwig

Above the rooftops of Cologne w/ TOM TOM CLUB, BODY/HEAD, SCOUT NIBLETT…

For two years, 2013 and 2014, the King Ludwig concert series brought some of the best shows ever in …

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Photogallery Nick Zinner

Nick Zinner: “It´s just cool to documentate all those kids”

With "1001 Images" Nick Zinner captures beautifully the relationship of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the…

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Malcolm Mooney – Interview

Malcolm Mooney: „How does one improvise from the moment?“

Malcolm Mooney, first ever singer of the band Can, comes finally back to Cologne after 37 years. Moo…

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"My favorite song" by Ramesh Srivastava

“This is How We Walk on the Moon” by Arthur Russell

"... The song was “This is How We Walk on the Moon,” and hearing it prompted me to further resea…

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Terre Thaemlitz – Photogallery – Exhibition, Lüneburg, Halle für Kunst

Terre Thaemlitz “Reframed Positions”

Reframed Positions is the first multi-venue retrospective by artist, producer, writer, educator, aud…

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Elena Colombi / Osàre Editions

Elena Colombi: “The patriarchy fucked things up”

"I love seeing the crowd and responding to it. For me it’s important to form a real dialogue, I wo…

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Hasan Poppu "Hasan Poppu" (JUBG / Kaput / Beachcoma Recordings)

Hasan Poppu: Ekusutashī at JUBG

On 6th of May the Cologne based, Japan inspired drone art techno duo Hasan Poppu – consisting of J…

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Notes from Below at ACUD

Sounding out and listening in

Notes from Below is a three-pronged project bringing together the works of artists and musicians who…

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a short story for the EU Tour 2023

David Bixby: “When you’re in a cult, you don’t know it’s a cult”

"Lake Michigan had the most remarkable impact on my life. I lived at the beach in my cut off blue je…

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Geschichten bei den Anderen: Monheim Triennale

 “The Sound – Sonic Art in Public Spaces“

For four weeks "The Sound" will present works by internationally renowned artists in public spaces t…

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Berlin Atonal 2023 – Festival Announcement

Eleven days in the Kraftwerk: Berlin Atonal 2023

Between September 7th and 17th Berlin Atonal presents "a wider and more comprehensive selection of …

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Valentina Magaletti – Interview

Valentina Magaletti: “Everytime I collaborate I feel like I have learnt something new about my music and my practice”

"I look for artist who operate in a universe that they create. Usually I am very found of multidisc…

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Rabih Beaini – Kaput Podcast

Talking kaput w/ Rabih Beaini

Rabih Beaini began his musical career in the 90s under the Morphosis imprint; in addition to his own…

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Videopremiere – Nacht84  – "All Lights Down"


Until now, Felix Nisblé has been known primarily as the protagonist behind the techno imprint Blint…

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Records of the Week

 Ryoji Ikeda „Ultratronics“ / Kali Malone „Does Spring Hide Its Joy“

What more could one expect from music than the dissolution of one's own time-space coordinates?…

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CTM Festival 2023

Midnight is coming … last train to chaos

Traditionally, the CTM Festival doesn't start for the Kaput team until the second week, which brings…

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Zoh Amba “Music is a blessing”

In the summer 2022 New York based tenorsaxophone player Zoh Amba travelled to Europe for the very fi…

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Claire Rousay on "The Lonesome Rose", San Antonio

Claire Rousay “San Antonio is a good place to grow up, but it’s not necessarily connected to the world that I exist in now”

Claire Rousay: "I lived in San Antonio, Texas, for about 20 years. When I was a kid, my parents move…

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Marshall Allen on Sun Ra

Marshall Allen: “Sun Ra said, you can’t learn without discipline and precision”

"He’s always there when we’re playing his music. We’re representing it, and his name. I'm tryi…

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Thank Me Later – Playlist

Thank Me Later: 2022 revisited

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Adam Hocker – Interview

“Everyone I knew had a friend or family member or acquaintance with a drug problem”

"The sensation of having escaped the United States – with its religious extremism, school shooting…

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2022 – the year as heard and seen by the team behind kaput

Katja Ruge streunert auch in 2022 durch St. Pauli

Stella Bossi, Lena Willikens, Charlotte Golden Pudel Club, Sedef Adasi, L.F.T., Mariybu…

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Easterndaze On Air 2022

Tune in! & practice resistance, solidarity, and responsibility respectively.

"Easterndaze On Air is a project that basically came about from the pandemic and the impossibility o…

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Talking Kaput (a podcast by Kaput – Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop)

Talking kaput w/ Nadine Moser & Anushka Chkheidze

Today we happily present you a two in one episode of our „Talking Kaput“ Podcast, recorded durin…

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Deep Talk NRW – Video-Portrait-Series

“Deep Talk NRW”, Episode X: Hedda Schattanik & Roman Szczesny

The big finale of Deep Talk NRW with Hedda Schattanik & Roman Szczesny…

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10 Years Akademie der Künste der Welt (ADKDW)

Jamie Stewart: “The epicly long throughline of human creativity is shocking in its wonder”

"For this one it is an equal combination of organization and potential chaos. We MIGHT know what wil…

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Susanne Sachsse & Marc Siegel: “We never improvise, we invent”

"Sleep brings both order and disorder into our lives. We're interested in both of these aspects, not…

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Record of the Week Special: 12-Inches

Club and beyond w/ Elkka, Kode9, and Throne of Blood

Somehow this month we're stuck with sugary tracks – or let's put it this way: everyone suddenly wa…

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