Keikee “This is not a kaputt mix”

Eunhye Shim aka Keikeee (Photo: Jakub Končír)

Keikee, what was your approach for this mix?

When I play a DJ set, I like to approach it dynamically with variations in energy levels, genres, sounds and so on. When conceptualizing this mix, I naturally consider these elements. Additionally, I imagined to play a set all night long and tried to condense it into a 3-hour set.

You moved to Germany like three years ago. How do you experience the music scene here? And what are the main differences towards your hometown of Seoul.

I moved to Germany in August 2021, so it’s been two and a half years now. In the beginning, surface-level differences like the running hours of clubs and DJs’ playtime were easily noticeable to me. As I’ve settled in here over time, I’ve recognized additional differences, gaining a deeper understanding of what’s happening here and there. While there are many distinctions, my favorite aspect of the German club scene is the emphasis of a safe space. I’ve seen many clubs and parties which react very sensitive, strict and sharp to any kinds of discrimination and disrespect.

I’m not sure about the current state in Seoul, but when reflecting on the club scene there just before my move, there were hardly any clubs sensitive to this concept. Unfortunately, I frequently heard about instances of sexual harassment by strangers at parties or sometimes even by people in the club scene, and there were some stories of people abusing positions to new/young female DJs. I hope to see positive changes in the scene during my next visit in Seoul.

Eunhye Shim aka Keikeee (Photo: Jakub Končír)

You were very closely connected with the Cologne venue Acephale. Can you describe what made the bar/club so special and what we lost with its closing?

For me, Acephale was a venue I could visit without hesitation. Sometimes, my curiosity led me there for a performance or a DJ set, but I was always confident that I’d have a great time for no specific reason. The place consistently offered unique and special music that I rarely found elsewhere, and it easily made regular customers who appreciated this kind of rarity. Many of them were artists or musicians themselves, and it caused me to have interesting conversations with them that I sometimes remembered more than the music. Also, as a DJ, it was a special place for me where I could try something new and play music I loved without compromise.
Acephale was a space of anticipation, where I could expect something good and encounter interesting people repeatedly. Many of my friends are sad about its absence. I sometimes spot familiar faces from Acephale in different place, and it seems like they’re still searching for a venue that can replace Acephale.

You live right now in Cologne but decided to move to Berlin. Why so?

As you know, I come from the big city, Seoul, and when I reflect on city living, I have kind of conflicting emotions.
Before moving to Germany, I was thoroughly exhausted by life in Seoul, and I was certain that I didn’t want to live in a big city. That’s why I liked Cologne so much in the beginning; it felt like both a city and a village at the same time. After more than two years here, even though I still don’t want to live in a big city, I find myself missing the urban vibe. While Berlin is indeed a sizable city, it doesn’t feel overly expansive compared to Seoul.

In terms of music, I’m aware that Cologne offers some great parties and DJs. However, it’s a little bit sad that Cologne’s music scene isn’t on the same level of musical diversity as Berlin. While I sometimes enjoy good parties here, it’s challenging to find the kind of dark/cosmic/italo disco parties that I’m currently interested in. I want to have more opportunities that I can grow even more, enjoying music I like.

 As 2023 just closed office. What was your party highlight of the year?

Last October, there was the Italoramabar at Panorama bar – a party especially dedicated to Italo disco. I went there mainly to listen to a set by one of my favorite DJs, Shubostar. It turned out to be one of the highlights of my year, and I still find myself smiling when remembering that day. Given the challenge of finding similar music events in Cologne, this experience felt even more special for me. Also the venue itself adds to the charm; I consistently feel safe whenever I’m there.

And your favorite track of the year?

Certainly, Todd Terje’s “Delorean Dynamite,” a track from an album that has been out for ten years now.
I fell in love with Todd Terje last year again. Around ten years ago, he was one of musicians who sparked my interest in disco and electronic music. Although I loved this album a lot, I totally forgot about this album for years. By chance, I rediscovered it last year, and I couldn’t stop listening to it.
Particularly, this track fits very well with many others in my DJ sets, so I frequently made a decision to play it throughout last year. I also enjoyed the process of building up the vibe by playing 3-4 other tracks before this one.
Just to let you know, I felt too shy to include this track in this mix, because I just released I played it too often last year.

Okay, lets now listen to the mix. 😊

Agora – K-Effect
Aphrodite – Stevie R & Parisinos
Salty Dog – D.S.D
Adventura – Moscoman
Pollona Azul – Dombrance
Near life Experience – Jackwasfaster
Miss Datos – Roliva
Ley – Cabizbajo & Colossio
Pleasure Cinema (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix) – Vongold
Regardless – Ludziq, Berny
Breath For Love (Modular Project Remix) – Rina
Pega Duro el Sol (Mufti Remix) – Id!r
Comingout – Kimshies
Heartbeat (Curses Remix – Edit) – Nuovo Testamento
Uletayu (Radondo Remix) – Sugar Rody
Cabeza de Vaca (Rigopolar Remix) – Camilo Sanjuan
Do De Te (Deomid Remix) – REBRN
Social Syndrome – Ikaro Grati
A Clay That Never Dries – Vhyce
Ghost – Lafrench Toast
Ai (Tōru) (Aural Trace Remix) – Etane
Tokyo (Black Mami Remix) – Dino Lenny
Warum Nicht (Boys’ Shorts Remix) – Mala Ika
Dance of the Magicians – Alejandro Molinari
Zarathustra (Niv Ast Remix) – Heidenreich
Automatic Dub – Wolfram
Lake – Kiwi
Nocta – Mordisco
More Fun – Chinaski
Energy Sync – Terr
Letting Down – Austher
Remembrance Dance – Moo Moonster & Freudenthal
Milestones (Shubostar Remix) – Budakid
Room Vayager (Tech Support Remix) – Facer
Wishes feat. Pia Manrique – Alex Aguayo
This Will Never Happen to you Again – Surfface
Airport Disco – David Jackson
Spiral – Todd Terje
Autonomic – DBFC
True Romance (Gigamesh Remix) – Citizens!

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