Xmas special feature

Astrid & Alexander’s Winter Guide to Cosmopolitan Food and Drink in European Cities (LDN, PAR, BER edition)

25. December 2023,

Astrid & Alexander (Photo: Christoph Voy)

A good pub should of course be authentically old and a bit broken. Ideally there should be no television or sport. Tinder dates should be kept to acceptable levels. Personally I can’t bear the posh or shiny ones that look like Soho House knock-offs. For a good pub you want history, ageing carpet, misjudged decor and a sense that closing time is ‘approximate’. This being winter season in London, I’m leaning into ones with a degree of ‘warmth’ be that furnishings or temperature-related. Enjoy!

The Sekforde Arms: a pub that resembles a film set from a late 1940s British thriller, on a quiet side street in Clerkenwell. Lovely when they get the fire going. Occasionally see a vintage Rolls Royce parked outside, no idea if it’s the owner’s.

The Fox & Hounds, Chelsea: a discovery during lock-down cycling adventures, a tiny yet charming pub with lots of quiet corners and loads of atmosphere. Avoid Fridays as it’ll be full of posh boys, crying or otherwise.

The Betsey Trotwood: a delightful pub that somehow does it all over three floors: pints, food, comedy and music. A place to hatch plans and put them into action!

The Prince of Wales, Kennington: nice place to arrive and camp out, with that pub-on-a-square atmosphere that makes you feel like a local (even though you definitely can’t afford to live there!)

The King’s Arms: a brilliant ale pub, 2 minutes from Waterloo Station in a district of historic train workers’ cottages, weirdly populated by vintage French Citroen cars – what’s not to like? Oh and excellent cheap Thai food at the back.

Astrid, maybe you could drop like 3 coffee to go to in Berlin and why those – with website / address & like 3 restaurants to go to in Paris and why those – with website / address

Well as one who is hanging out in Wedding most of the time these days (as a mother of a 4,5 month old baby…)
Pförtner (stylish and atypical)
Coffee Circle (delicious coffee)
Handbestand (soothing atmosphere)

I don’t know these restaurants but my 21 year old « pure Parisienne » niece highly recommended them – take that intelligence as you may!

Le petit Keller, 11th
Marcello, 6th
Brasserie Rosie, 11th

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