CTM Festival 2023

Midnight is coming … last train to chaos

Traditionally, the CTM Festival doesn’t start for the Kaput team until the second week, which brings with it some perceived FOMO from the Cologne distance, but given the staccato of delightful panels, lectures, performances and sets in the second week, there’s no time for sentimentality once you’re in the CTM Modus Operandi anyway.

Here are some kaput highlights for the week ahead.

Christina Wheeler: “Resonate in the Totality of Blackness”
HAU Hebbel am Ufer 2, 30.1., 8pm


Poulomi Desai, Merche Blasco
HAU Hebbel am Ufer 2, 30.1., 9pm


Puce Mary
Berghain, 31.1., 23:45pm


Ana Fosca
Berghain, 1.2., 10pm


Bill Dietz on Maryanne Amacher
Morphine Raum, 2.2., 5pm

Maryanne Amacher performed by Contrechamps & Zwischentöne
Radialsystem, 2.2., 7:30pm


Om Unit
Berghain, 2.2., 11pm


Coby Sey
Berghain, 2.2., 12pm


Berghain, 2.2.(3.2.), 4am


Panorama Bar, 3.2., 11pm


Berghain, 3.2. (4.2.), 2:30am


Panorama Bar, 3.2. (4.2.),3.30am


Marie Davidson
Berghain, 3.2. (4.2.),4am


Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet
Radialsystem, 4.2., 10pm


RSO Berlin, 4.2. (5.2.), 6am


Tashi Wada with Julia Holter
Radialsystem, 5.2., 3pm


Bonus: Efdemin
Berghain, 5.2., 6pm


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