Kaput & Attic Magazine & Outernational Days Bucharest

Dreaming in the Discotheque


The beauty of music is that one is not only able to enjoy it alone, but that it’s so powerful in bringing people together who were strangers just moments before. Exhibit one: the discotheque.

Through one of his DJ bookings Kaput columnist Justus Köhncke travelled to Bucharest to play at the local Control Club and meet the local  The Attic Magazine gang in the natural habitat. Right after Justus called me up to suggest that his column should also appear on The Attic – in exchange for some of their own excellent and addictive articles.

What a lovely idea, and right in the tradition of Justus’ smash hit “Weiche Zäune”. We jumped straight in and just a few days later this fascinating conversation with Genesis P-Orridge appeared on Kaput.

A few months later I arranged a personal meeting with Dragos Rusu, the Editor in Chief of The Attic during CTM Festival in Berlin. These blind date with email buddies can be a risky business as you can imagine. There is no guarantees that the words come easy. But not so with Dragos and his gang. These young bucks zipped through CTM Festival with an never-ending and wide-eyed curiosity – we almost had to tie them down in order not to lose them! Whether it was an hours-long artist talk on the schedule, or wildly improvised music set or the full-strength after-party, the editorial staff of The Attic have clearly dispensed with the need for sleep. Even in the most euphoric states of existence their interviews are jam-packed with interesting thoughts and insightful wisdom on the music taking place around us.

And also fermenting in their minds was the idea of their own Attic Festival… in the tradition of CTM, but with the sounds of The Attic. Now, just five months later, Outernational Days Bucharest  is a reality and about to happen from 1. till 3. Juli in Bucharest. (I told you they don’t do sleep.)

Besides four hands full of local Romanian artists, the programme offers a panel and live performance by Vincent Moon and Rabih Beaini, a workshop by Okay Temiz, concerts by Konono No.1, Maurice Lorca and Idris Akacmoor & The Pyramids as well as DJ-Sets from Andy Votel and Rabih Beanini.

For more informations check out the Facebook event: Outernational Days.

We are super happy to announce that Dragos Rusu edited this beautiful playlist of his favorite festival artists for Kaput. This is the soundtrack of the summer of 2016 in Bucharest. Be part of it – or sleep and miss the good stuff.

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