Gianni Brezzo “Me Deixa” – Videoclip-Premiere

“I just wanted to make a record that doesn’t overstrain you at breakfast table.”


Gianni Brezzo

Kaput is happy to announce the second installment of “Köln ist Kaput. On 18th of march Echo Ho and Gianni Brezzo will kick off the season at Gold + Beton – to warm up we debut today the brand new song and clip of Brezzo.

Gianni, the clip to “Me Deixa” works with a quite unique combination of art forms and gestures: minimalism and still life – arranged with the elegance of a ballet performance, the distinctive character of your obvious fascination for transience and your tilt for situationistic activism. How did that potpourri come to life?
Gianni Brezzo: Thanks Thomas! We wanted to make a cheap and effective promotional clip for the record. Dorfjungs got so deeply into debt, that they need to do everything possible to sell the record. References from art history are well received by people that buy records.

That said: how much did the clip cost?
18 € at Penny Market.

What was the most absurd thing to happen on the set?
The shoot wasn’t very absurd. The clip is about the spot light that is switched on and off every two or three seconds. The light switch has the power.

Gianni, could you tell us more about your coming of age with italian pop music?  When did you start to get interested in the music of your motherland? Which artists are your faves?
I only know Lucio Battisti and Toto Cutugno. Actually I don’t really know Toto. Admittedly nothing like that has inspired me. The only italian aspect about me is my name.

“Me Deixa” is the first song from your upcoming album “tak €2”, to be released on Dorfjungs in march. Is the song representative for the vibe of the album?
I don’t know. I just wanted to make a record that doesn’t overstrain you at breakfast table.

How did you get in touch with the Dorfjungs?
They are lonely. Me too. We found each other.

Okay, lets watch the clip!

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