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Kaput x Pop-Kultur x Ian Isiah

Ian Isiah: „Ego never wins. Ego usually dies. It never goes far.“

From 25th till 28th of August the next edition of Pop-Kultur-Festival will happen at Kulturbrauerei …

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Köln ist Kaput 14 – Video

Kaleo Sansaa, Secret Stage & MINCK at GOLD + BETON

Last November saw Kaleo Sansaa, Secret Stage and MINCK heating up Cologne venue GOLD + BETON for…

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Magic Island "No Pain" – video premiere

Magic Island and the concept of romance and love

The Clip is shot and produced by John Michael. He followed Magic Island through her recent tour in G…

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Köln ist Kaput XIII – Video

Swan Meat & Jens-Uwe Beyer

For the 13th edition of Köln ist kaput we cooperated with the Soyya crew and took over the Köln-De…

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Tentenko "Parade" – video, directed by Tentendo, edited by Dino Oon

Tentenko “Parade”

Kaput is proudly presenting the brand new video by Japanese artist Tentenko (edited by Dino Oon) fo…

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Kate NV – Videofeature

Kate NV “A Journey Into Sounds”

Kate Shilonosova in conversation with Thomas Venker for Kaput – Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop. …

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Discwoman – Videointerview

Challenge the norms

Thomas Venker met Emma Burgess-Olson (aka UMFANG), Christine Tran and Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson at …

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Fishbach – Videointerview

Fishbach “I allow myself everything”

Florence Fishbach – Cologne Kaput-Talk. …

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Matt Werth – Video-Interview


Thomas Venker met Matt Werth during the 2017 edition of Moogfest in Durham for a conversation about …

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Suzanne Ciani – video interview

“My music is supposed to offer a place of relaxation.”

Thomas Venker and John Noi met Suzanne Ciani for a conversation about the creative and economic aspe…

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Köln ist Kaput – Video series

Gianni Brezzo

"I think it’s about a bigger identity then just my own actually." Gianni Brezzo about his album "…

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Köln ist Kaput – Video series

Die Bäume

Kaput sneaked into the studio of the visual artists / musicians Die Bäume. A rare insight view behi…

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Köln ist Kaput – Video series

Lauter Bäumen

"Of course no one cares about me" – Insights in the sad reality of Cologne based band Lauter Bäum…

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Köln ist Kaput – Video series

Sans Gene

Kaput makes a visit at the Autonomes Zentrum Cologne to hang ten with Sans Gene. …

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Köln ist Kaput 5

Qui Basat

The Cologne based supergroup was part of the 5th installment of our "Köln ist Kaput" series. …

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Köln ist kaput


The Cologne based band Golf was part of the 5th installment of our "Köln ist Kaput" series.…

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Gianni Brezzo “Me Deixa” – Videoclip-Premiere

“I just wanted to make a record that doesn’t overstrain you at breakfast table.”

"We wanted to make a cheap and effective promotional clip for the record." – Kaput is happy to deb…

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Köln ist kaput

Colorist in concert and words

Another massive video from our Köln ist kaput series, this time featuring the magnificent and enigm…

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Camp Inc.

Köln ist Kaput

Roland Wilhelm & Sebastian Ingenhoff lock off our Köln ist kaput series with their very own mix of…

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Kaput Profiler

Jens “Jence” Moelle and İsmail “Isi” Tüfekçi open Pandoras box for Kaput and tell us abou…

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Vimes - The Kaput Profiler

Secret Knowledge

Azhar Syeds and Julian Stetters of Vimes share their first drug experiences, favorites ice-cream and…

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Eurosonic Noorderslag - The Kaput Profiler

A pop drama in 13 chapters.

Thomas Venker and Linus Volkmann joined in that five days marathon of concerts, panels and partys an…

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Floating Points & Sander Houtkruijer

The Making of “Nespole”

Videoclip director Sander Houtkruijer talks to Kaput about working on "Nespole" by Floating Points. …

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Week-End #5

1 Question for: Move D, Ariel Pink, Albert Oehlen, Billy Childish, The Notwist ….

Weekend-Festival, the Cologne-based festival run by Jan Lankisch and Jörg Waschat, is already hitti…

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Thomas Venker

Milch “Europa”

Who stands outside the garden´s fence Please be welcome and bye bye Thought the ghost that I …

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“Come along, this will be in interest of you.” Coma "Artists Space"

“Come along, this will be in interest of you.”

Thomas Venker visited the two Cologne based boys for a little studio tour. Topics of talk: vocoder e…

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"Passage" with Jens-Uwe Beyer

“Ambient is always possible.”

Jens-Uwe Beyer​ rented a car to take Kaput with him on a Tour de Cologne. Keywords of happenings:…

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FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)

Sharing the limelight

What's to know about the exact circumstances of how and why this collaboration came about and the re…

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Foals - Videospecial

The Making of “What Went Down”

We know, we know, journalists should keep critical distance. But, fuck it: The Foals are our buddies…

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Gabi Delgado


Delgado, who represents one half of Deutsch-Amerikanische-Freundschaft, took us on a tour through hi…

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Gabi Delgado

The LSD approach to forest and trains

Gabi Delgado-López created with his partner Robert Gröl under the moniker DAF songs as „Kebab-Tr…

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“1, 2, 3, 4”

The Japanese Noise musician Yamazaki Maso Takushi is well know for his short and heavy performances.…

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Fugazi - Revisited

One night at the Hallschlag

On 30th of June 1995 Fugazi put on a remarkable show at the Hallschlag in Stuttgart ... …

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Drift – Revisited

Leonberger Momente with Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and filmmaker Leah Singer visited Europe in 1994 to perform under their i…

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L´age d´or - Revisited

The Age of Innocence

A legendary German label and three impulsive musical makers. Here is the conversation: …

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Helena Hauff - Passage

“Club culture is all about getting mad for one night and feeling shit the next morning.“

Kaput visited the Hamburg-based producer and dj at home and joined her for a night at the Golden Pud…

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Lena Willikens - Passage

“Now I’m really exhausted.”

Kaput traveled with the Cologne based producer and dj to Amsterdam to join her for a night at the Tr…

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Week-End Festival

From Cologne with… love

Kate Tempest, ESG, Von Spar... Don´t be a loser, watch our Week-End resume. …

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“I see some parallels between Deadmau5 and us.”

Melt-Banana are one of the few protagonists of Japanese noise rock to have reached Western shores an…

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Damiano von Erckert

My worst flight

Damiano von Erckert did open his book of terrible flight experiences for us. …

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Nakahara Masaya (aka Violent Onsen Geisha)

Violent Onsen Geisha: “I don’t understand myself, so why would other people understand me?”

Nakahara Masaya is the Japanese master of irritation, deftly rethinking disco to hiphop, from field…

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