LCD Soundsystem

Intimate and loud in Berlin


LCD Soundsystem (Photo by Capucine Labarthe)

When I first heard about an exclusive LCD Soundsystem show at Funkhaus in Berlin, it all made sense to me. New album means PR stunt and the Hauptstadt after all is still considered a hip city.

That venue is intimate and gorgeous, the excitement was palpable through all my social media feeds: it’s going to be a great night. Little did I know that the event was in fact organized by the Apple owned Beats by Dre to announce their new studio headphones. It was one of those typical red-carpet-with-branded-photo-op wall events with champagne-à-volonté and Instagram models.

LCD_02Starting one hour late, we sat down inside the old studio to undergo an insufferable hour long keynote of Luke Wood, president of Beats by Dre and proud fedora wearer, presenting their new toy.

Lights on, they clear the room for another 20-minute pause.
Will this ever end?

We finally were allowed back in the room to be met by LCD Soundsystem in full form. They kicked off their set with “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House”, the crowd went wild, it was loud (almost too loud). They could have decided to showcase their new album but instead packed the following 75 minutes with back to back hits: “I Can Change”,” You Wanted a Hit”, “Tribulations”, “Movement”, etc.

It was obvious that James Murphy and his troop enjoyed playing in the private and personal setting of the Funkhaus, close their fans and it was reciprocated by them. They ended their set with anthemic “All My Friends”, no encore, it was not needed.

We all left with smiles on, our ears were buzzing and they almost made us forgot for a moment that this was in fact a corporate event.

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