Sid Le Rock „Invisible Nation“ album & „Sid rides shotgun mix“

Sid Le Rock talking about the „Invisible Nation“

Sheldon Thompson aka Sid Le Rock (Photo: Chrisette En Cachette)


It may look like Sheldon Thompson is chilling on his backyard, but truth is, the man behind the Sid Le Rock imprint just pushed the release buttons on his new album „Invisible Nation“ and an exclusive dj mix for kaput. In other words: the man is busy – and still he found time to answers some kaput questions. 

Sheldon, what should the folks out there know about this „Sid rides shotgun mix“?
Any words on the selection?

The selection for this mix was simply an opportunity for me to showcase great tunes that I wanted to share from my personal playlist, which is often played around the flat and friend gatherings. This mix presented itself to be challenging arrange this, compared to the up-tempo music that I typically dj at gigs. It was a welcomed challenge nonetheless.


The mix is not the only music you share with us, there is this awesome new Sid Le Rock album entitled „Invisible Nation“ – the title is a reference to your native origins in Canada. Could you take us on a trip into the family storyline of the Thompsons?

Yeah, the new album is set to be release on April 01st…and no, this is not an April Fools Day joke. At least not for me. It’s been quit a process from beginning to end, but I’m very pleased with the results. The title “Invisible Nation” is more in reference to our Native American communities that are often forgotten, with the social inequalities that they continue to come up against.

How did the idea to “Invisible Nation“ grow in you?

A few years ago after the passing of my grandmother, my father had uncovered family documents that traces our heritage back to thirteen generations, which directly connects our lineage back to Marie Mite8ameg8k8e. Born around 1631, she was one of the first Indigenous women to marry a man of European descent, by the name of Pierre Couc dit Lafleur. He was a soldier from France that was stationed in the French territory of Quebec, Canada. Their offspring were one of Canada’s earliest known Metis, which are people of mixed European and Indigenous ancestry. There’s a published book that I purchased called “First Metis Families of Quebec” by Gail Morin, which blew my mind. It gave me credence to finally know a part of my family’s connection to the past, and answered many questions that we had. With this album, I wanted to showcase a profound pride that I have for our heritage and pay tribute to its culture.

Sheldon Thompson aka Sid Le Rock (Photo: Chrisette En Cachette)


Was it difficult to bring the idea into a musical concept?

The music concept wasn’t necessarily the obstacle, it was the restriction that were rightfully enforced, however this deterred me of my goals and plans for the album. The original music idea for my concept album was to travel back to Canada to do session recordings of Powwow Drums, also known as Dance drums, and Pow Wow singers. Unfortunately covid didn’t allow for this to take place due to gathering and travel restrictions. So these vital instruments and elements had to reproduced to the best of my musical ability, and with the aid of research into traditional music. To achieve this, lets just say it was a longer road for me to travel compared to a quick flight and a car ride up to Timiskaming, Canada, where many of the Pow Wow’s take place.

Was this like an one-shoot sociopolitical album under the Sid Le Rock imprint or do you plan to come back to the original plans and go deeper in the historic textures of your artistic identity?

It’s definitely something I would welcome again, especially with a concept bridging approach as a follow up to Invisible Nation. It was my initial plans to incorporate live drum sessions for the song recordings, so if given the opportunity, then there’s still hope in me left. haha

Anything else you wanna share with the kaput world?

Yes, I miss your gorgeous blue eyes staring deeply in to my brown eyes, as you whisper to me gently “don’t you worry, everyone will dance with you again, sid”

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