Video premiere “Not the Moon (Markus Guentner Remix)”

The Cologne based electronic musician Sonia Güttler is well know for her playful and atmospheric ambient music. While her debut album “Far Away is Right Around The Corner” from 2014 still vibrates with us, Güttler right now spends most of her time in the studio to work on the new album, scheduled for 2017.
For those too impatient to wait until then she asked some producer friends to rework the tracks of her debut. 
Kaput is very happy to present you the Markus Guentner remix of “Not The Moon” (to be find on the “Far Away… Remixed”-ep on Monika Enterprises) and the belonging videoclip by Alisa Berger. 

Alisa, Sonia, how did it come to the collaboration?
Alisa Berger: Sonia and I became friends at the time when I was curator and one of the owners of an Off-Space/Showroom in a rooftop-loft in Cologne called Projekt 66. The space was specializing at that time in experimental, noise and ambient concerts and we had invited Sonia to play a concert. Before and after her show I was listening a lot to her music, as I find it very cinematic. I am a filmmaker and every time I write for my films I like to listen to athmospheric music, that puts me into the mood which I feel for the particular film. Funnily I was actually listening a lot to music by Sonia during the writing work on my last film.
I suppose in the meantime Sonia also got to know my films, video works and art. There always was the wish to collaborate between us. Sonia also organizes the „female:pressure electronic:music:home“-meetings for women who are working with sound, no matter if you are a professional or beginner, which was super interesting to me, and thereby it led to various small events where we collaborated as DJ and musician. After one of these events during a walk home Sonia said: I will finally make a remix-release this year and I want you to make videos for it, I would like them to be all made by one artist. So this is how it all started.
Sonae: I very much listen to my heart when it comes to my collaboration decisions. I usually know on first sight who I want to work with.

Please tell us something about the idea for the clip?
Alisa Berger: I knew that Sonia wanted the videos to be in one style, kind of like four parts of one sculpture. Or as if it was a series. Because of my own diploma-film shooting, the whole production of these videos was postponed until the very last moment, when we realized that we don’t have so much time and have to think of one interesting gesture instead of four narrative video-stories that would fit to the music but also to each other.
I had already worked with Mini DV-Tapes on video-art-work before and had realized that its a very interesting way of shooting, of bringing in narratives merely by the order in which you shoot. So we decided that we´d pick two or three interesting situations, events, occasions or special places from Sonias´ life, and I will accompany her with the camera.
Sonae: And that actually was the idea: to bring something personal of me back into the project as my original work had been given away to the remix artists.

Where was the video shot?
Alisa Berger: The video for “Überwindung (Dirk Markham Remix)” was shot in the nocturnal streets of Cologne. The “I Know a Fish (Cétieu Remix)” Video was shot in Sonias´ apartment, same as was “Hot Summerday (Mimicof Remix)”. “Not the Moon (Markus Guentner Remix)” was shot in Bochum, during the performance of the play „Helden“ at Prinzregententheater for which Sonia composed the soundtrack for.

Do you mind me asking you about the budget?
Sonae: There had not been a budget at all. What is a shame and limited us in our opportunities but we took it as a conceptional frameset. And hey, not doing things isn’t an alternative, and legitimating not doing things by parameters like a lack of money seems even worse.

Has there been a special happening at the set you wanna share with us?
Alisa Berger: When we were in Bochum we spontaneously also shot the application video for an actress of the play for the NRW grand that she was applying for. Very multitasking way of shooting, it was fun. During the shooting in Sonias´ apartment, Sonia was insisting to shoot how she was making coffee, afterwards she was disgusted by the material, as I had shot it super close and the screen was filled by wet muddy coffee.
Sonae: Unusable shit but a good laugh!

Please name your favorite five clips by other directors.
Alisa Berger: I really love music videos by Michael Jackson, especially the ones he did with these claymation masters …

Camp Inc “Springer” (by Henning Frederik Malz)


Aphex Twin “Windowlicker” (by Chris Cunningham)


Michael Jackson “Leave me Alone” (by Will Vinton)


Michael Jackson “Speed Demon” (by Will Vinton)


Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer” (by Stephen R. Johnson)


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