CTM 2018

Angst and love über Berlin

Another bodily challenging and highly inspiring CTM festival is over.
It was again a week of many intense concerts, talks, sets and conversations. A lot to recapitulate at home.

Marco Donnarumma at Hau.

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Marco Donnarummas
outstanding performance „Corpus Nil: Eingeweide” at HAU was the highlight of this years CTM as it brought so much together: performance and sound, body and bioart, and most of all angst and love. So beautiful and deeply disturbing, a true manifest for the adventures of creation and a massive stimulation for our curiosity as we should always remember, there are no borders, neither for our body nor for our mind.

Another remarkable moment: Pan Daijing & Rashad Becker performance at HAU. It came by surprise for the larger part of the audience how those two magicians of sounds negated all ideas of perfection and instead went on a journey into the unpolished and humorous. Very consequent and very trance – and simply very beautiful. 



Pan Daijing & Rashad Becker Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kaput Magazin (@kaput_mag) am

Two days later it was again Pan Daijing who showcased her wide spectrum of abilities at Funkhaus´ new MONOM room. While others had no real clue what to do with the opportunities of the 4DSOUND system, she opened a narrative box of sounds by telling a creepy story of Kinderzimmer nightmares and sonic lullabies. The composition might not have been completed in all details, but who cares, working as an artist means not to be afraid of imperfection, right?

That said Holly Herndon has to be named next. Herndon and her partner Mat Dryhurst  performed at the Festsaal Kreuzberg for the first time under the new imprint Holly Herndon Ensemble. To be honest, there were a lot of hangover moments during the three hours of the performance, but the two and their amazing group of singers did not seem to be too troubled by them, most likely as they knew themselves very well about all those higher states of emotionality they shared with us.
Again: what can we ask more from artists as the openness to share failures and glittering pieces with us.


Holly Herndon

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I wanted to catch Berlin based Schwefelgelb for quite some time, but never made it. The word on the street was that they are our generations DAF. Well, yes and no. Seeing Sid and Eddy Berghain also gave a good impression of their darker sonic adventures leading us far behind the catchiness of 80s electro. 

I was pretty tired when Lakuti started her set last night at CTM Festival at Panorama Bar – but she made me forget….
Awake home I found this nice quote from a talk to Resident Advisor: “With the DJing, I played some records at my own events but I never actively pursued a DJ career. I got into electronic music around 28 years ago in terms of house. Being a DJ was not really a career option. I went to law school and that was a career path that your parents were happy with. Things are different now. Starting a label as well came because of my friendship with Alan Abrahams, AKA Portable/Bodycode, a friend for the last 26 years. He was making music and had been since we were still in South Africa. When we moved to London, he needed an outlet for his music and we decided to do Süd. We applied for funding as we were poor and got money from The Prince’s Trust. Thanks Charles 🙂 So the intense passion I felt for music and the need to help when my help was needed got me to this point. Studying and understanding every aspect of how the whole business works can only be an asset really.”

Now its time to sleep and dream from electric sheep and other stuff. Let´s dream to the sounds of Antwood.


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