Jennifer Cardini

Burning Man


Photo: jennifer Cardini

Jennifer, this was your first Burning Man, right?
Yes, it was my first time and I hope it won’t be my last …

With what kind of expectations did you travel into the desert?
None really, I never did something like that before. Of course I had seen pictures but they don’t describe the full expérience. The only thing I was sure about  was that I would  have fun with Barnt and Rebolledo and that the music would be great.


The Maya Warrior (Photo: jennifer Cardini)

What was your first impression when you arrived?
We arrived around diner time, it was already dark so I did not see much. The Mayan Warrior’s camp looked really cool though and the food was delicious.Later they turned the Mayan’s light on and the then the sound and the magic was on! The sound system on the mayan is really good, probably one of the best i’ve played on.

How long have you been there? And how does one has to imagine the days and nights – whats on the schedule?
I stayed 5 days. I really enjoyed the days, the desert and the light are beautiful. You can really get what you want from Burning Man: If you like to party the nights are colorful, full of bleeping lights and dressed up people everywhere.
The atmosphere is nice and friendly. The sunsets are beautiful. You can of course find after hour discos everywhere but you can also choose to go to sleep, join early morning yoga classes or running groups, drink tea and enjoy the landscape.
There are a lot of activities and group talks and funny things to see.


Okay, lets talk comfort zone. How does an artist house there? And all the other?
I slept really well, the Mayan Warrior camp was very confortable and organized. The food was so good …. I had a spacious tent and was able to shower the dust off daily ! People usualy bring tents or rent RVs and drive there from San Francisco or Reno.

Who did you share the week with?
Rebolledo, Barnt, Axel Boman, Seth Troxel, Man Power and all the amazing mexican crew that i already knew from MN ROY in Mexico. 


Photo: Jennifer Cardini

Mentioned others: how big is the Burning man areal? Did you find chance to see all?
It’s really big, if I’m not wrong 70.000 people were attending this year so it’s like a little city !
I biked a lot but I can’t say i saw it all…

Did you stay till the end, did you see the Burning Man falling down?
No Berlin and Ibiza gigs were planned so I flew back on friday before the burn, mistake that I will not do next year.

Will you come back?
Yes ! I loved it !


Actress Susan Sarandon on her mission to take her friend Timothy Leary’s ashes to a temple she and a group of people had built at Burning Man. She told Kimmel that se drank some of the ashes while doing so – see video below…. (Photo: Jennifer Cardini)
























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