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Berlin Atonal 2023 – Festival – Pre-Report

Berlin Atonal 2023: Do not miss these 10 performances

Kaput tried the untryable and selected ten performances of Berlin Atonal 2023 you should not miss …

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Berlin Atonal 2023 – Festival Announcement

Eleven days in the Kraftwerk: Berlin Atonal 2023

Between September 7th and 17th Berlin Atonal presents "a wider and more comprehensive selection of …

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Unsound 2022 Festival

Unsound 2022: Divided in-between worlds, merged space-time continuums and the absence of any executive authority

...just as one is currently renegotiating and repositioning for oneself many other things from one's…

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Meakusma Festival 2022 – Photo Gallery

Happily touched in Eupen

The system Meakusma, if you want to describe this festival as such, it is an inviting, idiosyncratic…

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Terraforma Festival 2022

Train to Trancentral Terraforma

“This is a climate crisis, this is a climate crisis, decolonise the climate crisis. I only see whi…

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Primavera Sound 2022

E´s & Wizz in Barcelona – back to Primavera Sound Lalaland

even if you missed 3/4 of what you had on the longlist, the shortlist you experienced should provide…

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FUNKT sound  art  radio – Interview mit Georg Dietzler


"Cologne's artists lack a "Berlin" self-image – look at what this city has to offer. In Cologne a …

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Easterndaze x Berlin 2021 –  Interview with Lucia Udvardyova & Natalie Gravenor

“Our modus operandi remains non-hierarchical and non-institutionalized”

"The artists had to entirely re-think their contributions and define different spaces for audience i…

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Unsound Festival 2020 – Interview Gosia Płysa

Gosia Płysa (Unsound): “I am certain that this difficult year will result in lots of great new art and music”

"I have to admit, it has been hard to focus on work and going on with planned announcements and acti…

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Sónar Festival 2020 – Enric Palau – Interview

Sonar 2020 / “During the lockdown, music really has shone a light through the darkness”

"It’s not only live music that’s been affected but the entire way we produce and consume culture…

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Clubs and festivals in times of Corona / Covid-19

Club der Ewigkeiten – The Dusk Camp

The dusk camp festival, created by the four LA subcultural activists Jennifer Erickson (Jeniluv), M…

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Easterndaze x Berlin 2019 – Interview with Lucia Udvardyova & Natalie Gravenor

Berlin has a bizarre relationship to its “Eastern” neighbors

Even though it's exactly 30 years since the fall of the Iron Curtain, and most Eastern European coun…

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Popkultur 2019 – Photo gallery by Christoph Voy

From Awa Khiwe to Schorsch Kamerun – Popkultur Festival in 19 images

Popkultur 2019 – Photo gallery by Christoph Voy.…

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HTRK at Atonal Festival – Interview

HTRK: It’s not as sad anymore because we’re not as sad

"We’ve gone through a whole process of healing and accepting and that just comes out in what you c…

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Eurosonic Noorderslag & European Talent Exchange Programme / An interview with Ruud Berends

Ask me again after the event ;-)

Each January the European festival and media circus travels to the Dutch city of Groningen to experi…

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MUTEK Japan 2017

Continue the adventure

We not only want to show the most cutting edge shows and bring international talent to Japan, but al…

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Pop-Kultur 2017

With the eyes of Christoph Voy

The Berlin based Pop-Kultur festival in 17 pictures. …

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Pop-Kultur-Festival 2017 – The loved ones of the festival team


Once again Berlins Pop-Kultur-Festival (happening between the 23th and 25th of August at Kulturbraue…

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Oligarkh – Summer Mix for Pop-Kultur Festival

“To be artist is already a political statement.”

Modern Russia is quite an interesting object for artists to explore. – Oligarkh deliver not only a…

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Resonate Festival 2017

AGF, Phill Niblock, Yves Tumor and bleeding ears

Again and again it’s a surprising experience to fly in for a gathering like Resonate festival, wit…

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„I am searching for the rollercoaster drop feeling that make my lungs explode.“

If one mentions sad it is not far from the word depression – Chen Moscovici’s reaction to the wo…

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Off-Kultur 2016 in 19 pictures

From Magic Island to Helmut

It all started with a stupid idea in a backstage room in Groningen – and it ended after three wild…

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Pop-Kultur 2016 in 23 pictures

From Selda Bağcan to Imarhan

The second edition of Pop-Kultur festival is over – and we feel very dizzy from all those impress…

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“Neukölln is about community and supporting each other, from local businesses to art practice.”

Always simply complaining about things, well anyone can do that. But to get involved is the high art…

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CTM Festival / Club Transmediale 2016

„Fuck Ambient. Northern Technology. Dark Electronica. Obsessive Techno. Militant House. Noise Pop.”

Between the 29.01. and 07.02. the 17th edition of CTM Festival / Club Transmediale, festival "for Ad…

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Eurosonic Noorderslag

Fresh Blood

Groningen, January 2016. Again the bookers, bands and fans of pop music made it to the dutch northea…

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Week-End #5

1 Question for: Move D, Ariel Pink, Albert Oehlen, Billy Childish, The Notwist ….

Weekend-Festival, the Cologne-based festival run by Jan Lankisch and Jörg Waschat, is already hitti…

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Graw Böckler reporting from CTM Siberia

Let´s talk about Novosibirsk!

The Cologne-Berlin based artist-duo Graw Böckler spend the last week at CTM festival in the siberia…

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Jennifer Cardini

Burning Man

French producer and dj Jennifer Cardini send us some of her private photos of Burning Man and shares…

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Thomas Venker

No Crowd Surfing in the Crowd-Heavy Areas Please

It may sound unlikely viewed from today’s pop landscape, but in the year 1988 everybody wanted to …

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Øya Festival 2015

96 hours in 7 minutes – The Festival Movie

Alex Mayor and Thomas did spend 96 hours in Oslo for the Øya Festival - see and what they saw in th…

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Berlin Atonal

“A good sense of place and good acts.”

Kaput interviews the three curators of Berlin Atonal: Laurens von Oswald, Paulo Reachi and Harry Gla…

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Øya Festival 2015

Park life (and the living is easy)

There are hundreds of festivals in Europe at this point and your humble correspondents attend a fair…

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Thomas Venker

Flashback to Miles, Melt! and Peter the Ogre

Earlier today I was sitting on a park bench in Cologne and drinking a coffee, reflecting as one does…

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Open Source Festival 2015

Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhytmn Force, Laurel Halo, Tolouse Low Trax….

The Open Source Festival in 16 pictures. …

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“That’s not for me anymore”, Thomas Venker

“That’s not for me anymore”,

Well, it’s a few days since I returned from Primavera Festival 2015, and as always after such an i…

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Primavera Sound 15

Sleaford Mods, Battles, Earth, Anthony and the Johnsons

"My memories are a little blurry as things usually happen so late at night."…

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Jimi Tenor & Tenors of Kalma

Live at the Golden Pudel Club

On the May 16th, Jimi Tenor played a show with Tenors of Kalma, his current live band with Kalle Kal…

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Primavera Sound 2015

Oysters, Feedback and Soccer

As Indiana Jones memorably put it, “it’s not the years, it’s the mileage” - Pablo Soler talk…

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Soleima (Photo: Allan Jensen) Spot Festival 2015

Cancer, Soleima & Kenton Slash Demon

"It is a privilege to play a setting where the people in the crowd have an interest, desire and hung…

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Thomas Venker

Festival to go

A few days ago, the wonderfully sarcastic Trevor Jackson, reported from his booking at Sónar Copenh…

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SXSW 2015

What to see at SouthBySouthWest this year

Daniel Seligman, Abel Suárez and Paul Tao open up their little black books... …

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Week-End Festival

From Cologne with… love

Kate Tempest, ESG, Von Spar... Don´t be a loser, watch our Week-End resume. …

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A Day in the Desert

The Music provides the Journey

“A Day in the Desert” is not your normal festival experience. Within the beautiful scenery of Jo…

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CTM Festival / Club Transmediale

Losing the concept of time and space…

Starting the year with a trip to Berlin to attend the CTM Festival is a good tradition . …

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