CTM Festival / Club Transmediale 2016

„Fuck Ambient. Northern Technology. Dark Electronica. Obsessive Techno. Militant House. Noise Pop.”

CTM_2Between the 29.01. and 07.02. the 17th edition of CTM Festival / Club Transmediale, festival “for Adventurous Music and Art”, happens in Berlin.  This years motto “New Geographies” is a signal for open boarders and international artistic cooperations in an age of neo-nationalistic politics. 

As in the years ahead, the programming is once more overwhelming. Lars Fleischmann picked his daily favorites and made a playlist for us.

Friday, 29.1.: Charlotte Bendiks
The music part of the festival starts with the club night at Panorama Bar, featuring the ones like Andre Bratten, Ateq of Giegling and Charlotte Bendiks.

Saturday, 30.01.: Rabih Beaini / Renaissance Man
Rabih Beaini (also known as Morphosis) acts as guest curator for this years CTM. At HAU he will perform side by side with Sofia Jernberg. I chose an edit of a libanesian classic for the playlist.
The night at„Werkstatt der Kulturen“ is labeled „Polynodes I“. My eyes and ears will all be on Renaissance Man, the project of Martti Kalliala and Ville Haimal and their funny approach to Techno.

Sunday, 31.1.: BLNRB
At Kunstquartier Studio artists and curators will discuss about the topic of „False Friends and True Signals: Interculturality in Sound Art“. What are the opportunities and traps of intercontinental music productions?
The Gebrüder Teichmann are well known for their journeys to Africa and the musical projects resulting out of them.

Monday, 01.2.: Love Cult
Love Cult are no secret act anymore. Everyone is quite keen to watch their performance at HAU. Asked how their music should be described, Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto came up with this one: „Fuck Ambient. Northern Technology. Dark Electronica. Obsessive Techno. Militant House. Noise Pop.” Cool!

Tuesday, 02.02.: Thug Entrancer
Data Slave is the more shy imprint of Thug Entrancer. That said, there will still be enough stimulation to get you on the dance floor from him. Also in the pit: Visionist, Maria Bozinovska Joanes and Marcin Pietruszewski.

Wednesday, 03.02: Senyawa & Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Keiji Haino, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi von Senyawa – this night at HAU 2 comes to the box office under the title „Coordinates III“ and reflects on the cultural implication of boarders in 2016. Except Java and Japan as much in the mix as Drone and Folk music.

Thursday, 04.02.: Group A / Lena Willikens
„Zones III“ brings quite a spectre of different artists to Berghain: Le1f, Lena Willikens, Group A…

Friday, 05.02.: Olaf Karnik, Wanlov the Kubolor und M3nsa von FOKN Bois, Meira Asher und Adam Harper / Seltene Erden aka Kassen Mosse
How could protest look in these days without being either overheard or incorporated? Olaf Karnik discuss this topic at Kunstquartier Bethanien with Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa of FOKN Bois, Meira Asher and Adam Harper.
Gunnar Wendel´s (aka Seltene Erden aka Kassem Mosse)  sound installation „Combat Zones That See“, shown at the Pluriversale III in Cologne, brings up the question of the identity of war sounds in an age when a war is not called war anymore (“armed intervention”) and also when a war does not only happen in the fields anymore (as the digital war is all present nowadays too). At „Zones IV“ he will follow up these questions at Berghain implicitly.

Saturday, 03.02: Moscoman / Lex Lugner
Disco Halal, the label of Moscoman, represents the ambitions to combine folk music from the Middle East with western electronic pop music. At Yaam the label will host their own floor.
In the other room one will find Lex Lugner, beat-head of the Cloud-rappers from Vienna (Yung Hurn) and Cologne (LGoony) and also artist in his own right. His music brings up the question way the quintessence of modern Post-Trap-HipHop is? His answer is quite melancholic and full on teenage heart driven – including the hang over on the next day.

Sunday, 07.02.2016
For the end I chose this Resident Advisor Mix of Rabih Beaini, who will play at the official  CTM/Tranansmediale-final party at Watergate.
I am super curious what this years festival will bring up. The last ones often ended with unsolved discussions – a state of discourse not absolutely bad.

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