Loraine James – Interview

“female:pressure is awesome because it recognises us, and we do exist. There are a lot of us!”

 On Freitag, 14th of Dezember female:pressure hosts a night at Studio 672 in Cologne. Besides a live performance by Donna Maya and dj sets by Monibi and Waltraud Blischke Loraine James will also perform. 

Loraine, you are queer and black. Does that matter when it comes to your music?
Honestly, it never used to. I think in the past year and a half I’ve become more confident in who I am as a person, and my identity. It’s definitely apart of my more recent music.

What do you search in general in music?
It depends how I feel. Sometimes I’m looking for a dirty, danceable beat, other times I like listening to really ambient stuff that really makes me think about EVERYTHINK like ‘Lusine – Language Barrier’.

Would you say you follow a general pattern when producing music or is every new track also the beginning of a new path?
I’ve tried (with some success) to change my pattern when creating music. I’ve starting to use/create drum loops, which I’d never done before 2017. A big part of my music now-a-days is re-using old parts of musical ideas and tossing them into a new musical idea and seeing what happens.

How important is London for you as an artist?
London is very important to me; so many cultures, different this and different that. Thats why I love London because there’s always something new or even old to discover, whether that is with music or just general life. It has definitely influenced my music.

And how difficult is it to make a living in this highly overprices and expensively gentrified city? Your strategies?
Haha, I don’t have any strategies. I’m 22 years old and still living with my mum. Sorry. It’s hard to make a living, especially in the world of creative arts. I think that applies to anywhere in the world, but yes London is overpriced in every single way. Apart from getting chicken and chips or something.

You won the Oram Award in 2018 – how did that make you feel?
Surprised. And the other women who won it are amazing in their own right. But winning it, comes with the feeling of “eh, Loraine, youre just alright, how did you win that?”. To be fair I always think of myself as pretty average. But I am very grateful for the award!

In Cologne you gonna play under the female:pressure signet. What does that mean to you?
It means a lot because I don’t really play to a lot of womxn/ qpoc. And I want to do more of that! female:pressure is awesome because it recognises us, and we do exist. There are a lot of us!


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