Lena Willikens – Essential Mix BBC1 Radio

Lena Willikens: From “Hello” to “Screaming Colors”

Friday night Kaput favorite Lena Willikens gave her Essential Mix debut on BBC1 Radio. Starting with Kenny Larkin´s classic “Hello” (released on Warp Records) and ending with the brand new upsammy production “Screaming Colors” (about to come out on Nous´Klaer), the mix is a beautiful idiosyncratic journey into sounds and on the dancefloor.

Full tracklist: 

Kenny Larkin – Hello (warp)
KOEHLER – Melencolia V (ESP Institute)
Bandulu – Ki (Infonet)
030 feat. Dr. Motte – Synapsit (MFS)
Khidja – Devil Dance (DFA)
Josh Abrahams – Step Into Paradise (Worldwide Ultimatum Records)
Dale Cornish – California (OOH-sounds)
Chekov – Long Term Space Graffiti (unreleased)
TSC – Escape (Rhythm) (One Track Records)
Hoshina Anniversary – Zangai (forthcoming on Musar Recording)
Catriel – /ydob ru (CAT)
Wants – Spatif (forthcoming on Eatmybeat)
Ege Bam Yasi – Mr. Egg (Total)
Humate & Rabbit in the Moon – West (Superstition)
Khshathra – Into Your Soul (Karima F’s You’re Terrific When You’re Drunk rmx) (Sensible Seelen)
Zilla – Whatever It Is (Charlotte Bendiks Remix) (forthcoming on Accidental Records)
Ben Cohen – Entrance (Brokntoys)
J-ZBEL – Bertrand Au Mont d’Or (Brothers From Different Mothers)
Autrax – Dolphin’s Dream (Carpe Sonum Records)
Mystic Letter K – Project Foreign Object (H-Productions)
Ellll- Pepsi (Glacial Industries)
Konduku – Kizilirmak (Tammo remix) (Nous´klaer)
LDY OSC – Give Me (forthcoming on Squirrels On Film)
Bourbonese Qualk – Interstate (Praxis)
Batu – Shiratani (Timedance)
Gideon – Alert For Logic (Lessismore)
Cari Lekebusch – Conrad 4 (Instrumental) (H-Productions)
Jaquarius – Weirdos from the woods (Microclimat)
Beaumont Hannant – Psi-Onyx (Moon Meets Mars) (General Production Recordings)
Bézier – 綠館三溫暖 (Honey Soundsystem Records)
The Atlas Project – Gatlato (Prikosnovénie)
Tharsis Shelter Unit – Start Transmission (Brokntoys)
Replicast – Gurrr (Carpe Sonum Records)
Lucinate – Pulse Measure (forthcoming on Crimson Recordings)
Upsammy – Screaming Colours (forthcoming on Nous´klaer)

Listen to the Mix from now till 17 of June on BBC1Radio


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