Ongoing 2022 playlist

New music for a kaput world

We all know the storyline: the days are way too short for all of our ambitions. One of mine: posting every day a track/song on kaput in 2022 that stimulates my curiosity but somehow I have not enough time to follow it up with a review or story; and not even that little plan I managed to get going, it took me 19  days of the new year to kickstart this list. Can you believe it? I guess you can. Anyway, let´s see how we roll from here on together. For now: enjoy the first bunch of new music for a kaput world.



buen clima “Transferencia Electrónica”

Éliane Radigue & Frédéric Blondy “Occam XXV Excerpt”

Sofia Kourtesis feat. Manu Chao “Estación Esperanza”

Albertine Sarges “Bird’s Life”

King Hannah “Big Big Baby”

Tennyson “Feelwitchu”

Bézier “Valencia”

Matchess”Through The Wall

BUNUEL “When God Used A Rope”

SASAMI “The Greatest”

GENTS “sweet nothings”

DJ Minx “Do It All Night” (Honey Dijon Remix)

MDM Factory “La Vida Loca”

Boy Harsher “Machina (Ft. Ms. BOAN – Mariana Saldaña)”

DJ Python “Angel”

Barnt “You Know What’s Gone”

Spoon “Wild”

Konrad Kraft “Accident in Heaven”

Michael Rother & Vittoria Maccabruni “Edgy Smiles”

Boris “Drowning by Numbers”

Tara Nome Doyle “Caterpillar”

VTSS “Trust Me”

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