Amelie Lens – “Electric Lights - Women in Electronic Music”

Amelie Lens: “Music can make us forget about whatever happened in our lives”

Amelie Lens by Katja Ruge

Belgian artist Amelie Lens is one of the most controversial figures in modern electronic dance music. Similar to artists like Nina Kravitz or Richie Hawtin you will easily find many haters out there criticising her for the – in their opinion – cheesy sets and her performances. But then on the opposite side: not many artists have such a  dedicated group of über fans behind them. The ones of Lens, who originally started out as a model for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, love her endless enthusiasm and the high energy level of her fast and furious techno sets – a vibe she skillfully transports to her records, as the titles transport quite well: “Exhale”, “Let it Go”, “Contradiction”, “Stay With Me”, 
“Nel”, “Involve 020” and “Hypnotized”.

Which music was the first to touch/inspire/move you? What made it so special and standing to you?

When growing up I was never a fan of any band or singer to be honest. I did not have a big interest in music until I discovered electronic music. Suddenly a whole new world opened for me and music became my whole life!

What do you prefer, the seclusive working process in a studio or the live presentation of your music in front of the audience?And why so?

I like both but if I have to pick one i’d say I prefer djing. I’ve been going to clubs since I was 15, it’s a big part of who I am. Being out with so many people all dancing to the same music, it’s an incredible experience over and over again!

Amelie Lens by Katja Ruge

What do you hope to find in music? (both your own music and the ones of others?)

Music to me is whatever I want it to be in a specific moment and that’s what makes it so incredibly special.
Whenever I feel stressed, I listen to some ambient.
When I feel tired, I listen to uplifting high energy techno.
There is so much different kinds of music and it can help us heal, it can help us to relax or sleep, change our mood. It can make us dance like crazy in a club and forget about whatever happened in our lives. For me, to literally be doing music every day is something I am so grateful for. So I hope that music will always have this special place in my life.

This interview with Amelie Lens is part of the ongoing photo-project “Electric Lights – Women in Electronic Music” by Hamburg based photographer Katja Ruge and Kaput co-publisher Thomas Venker focused on the role of women in electronic music. Each photoshoot is accompanied by a short interview, based on a personalised questionnaire. The interviews will be published on the kaput website on a monthly basis, before finding their way into a book.

Amelie Lens by Katja Ruge

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