George Solar – Kaput Mix 006

“Balearic Software Update 1.0” – Feel free to feel free

George Solar

What is Balearic? Do we even want to know or find out?

For me, first and foremost it’s the freedom to get away with whatever fits the vibe in any given moment of a set, depending on circumstance. And that is not meant as an excuse. It’s the freedom to start the day soundtracking a beautiful bay in the mediterranean from behind the decks at high noon, facing a broad horizon of ever changing moods… and so it’s all about rolling with whatever nature has to offer that day.

In this particular case, the location makes all the difference. An all white washed, rather chilled beach bar overlooking a mesmerizing cap amidst the salt pans of Ibiza’s South – and yes, it’s only midday, the place just openend and it’s peaceful and calm. Picture seagulls, planes crossing the sky and flamingoes on your way in.
Plus: it’s mid October, so almost none of the Ibiza stereotypes seem to work today anyway. It’s a hazy, misty morning, maybe a bit nippy even and you can feel autumn creeping in and the busy season coming to a close.

And so I am happy to bridge the gap until 6pm – that’ s when the night shift/sunset DJ comes to pick up on the vibe til midnight… ample of time to up the tempo for her or him, so I won’t have to do it. That’s why it takes almost 3 hours to even reach the 90bpm sonic wall, let alone tighter beatmatching.
Kicking off with deep German underground indie dub from the late 1990s, keeping it slow, cosmic & dubby most of the time only to end on certified balearic classics after almost four hours was my approach that day.

But is it balearic? Well, I am an Ibiza based DJ soundtracking balearic beaches all year round for a living. You decide whether that is balearic enough for the stamp collectors, soothsayers and super nerds out there. I really don’t mind – as all I know is only time will tell. Until then I’ll feel free to feel free, since didn’t come to party… I came to chill.
And why would I do so?
Because I can.


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