3 1/2 records for the weekend

Hustlers for everything kaput w/ Jayda G, Roman Flügel, Schneider TM and Haftbefehl

As Cologne is still in 9pm curfew (hopefully for the last week as numbers are falling), music is more important than ever to keep the mood up. So here we go, three albums and one track to keep us and hopefully you too going.

Let`s start with the brand new mix by Jayda G with tracks by the kaput homies Ada & Koze and HAAI among many other goodies. A wonderful smooth trip with music. Already three run throughs in and getting better and better.

Roman Flügel is a long time companion of kaput, we dance with the original Frankfurt native now Berlin resident since the mid 9os. Roman dropped last week “Eating Darkness” on Running Back , the label run by Gerd Janson. From the beautiful fragile opener “Magic Briefcase” to the spherical closing track “Charles”, the album reaches out with open hands to us, giving hope (“The best is yet to come”) by not denying its own skepticism about the state of the world at large. A bit like dreaming with open eyes.

Some of our younger readers might not remember, but there was a time when indie rock and electronics were not yet as united as today. Only by the mid 90s those two biotopes started two flirt, one of the important protagonists of the era: Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM. After years of absence from this specific project (Dirk also cultivates Angel with Ilpo Väisänen from Pan sonic and runs his own studio where he produces acts like Mutter) he  finally opened the box of pandora and presents the long lost Schneider TM record “The 8 of Space”. As the second half of Bundesliga is about to start and this needs to go online, let`s conduct one concise line here: “The 8 of Space” presents Schneider TM once again as the missing link between Can and Drexciya.


We already dropped our enthusiasm on the socials about this specific track from the new Haftbefehl record – and got called out by writers as well as readers. But what should we say? We are hustlers for everything kaput. Who will judge us for that. So here we go: “Kaputte Aufzüge” by Haftbefehl, in a recent live version.

Stay home, keep healthy and aint stop to listen to new music all weekend long.

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