Thank Me Later – Playlist

Thank Me Later w/ Jessica Winter

Jessica Winter (Photo: Nan Moore)

Sometimes, when you ask people about their musical influences, you can still get surprised – London based artist Jessica Winter lists contrasts such as Cardi B, Marilyn Manson, Barbra Streisand, Lacuna Coil, Death Grips – and Julie Andrews. With this in mind (and flipping through a selection of wonderfully crazy press pics) one thing’s for sure pretty quick: she’s not too keen on „the ususal“.

Fortunately that’s quite what you experience while listening to her debut EP „Sad Music“. Winter doesn’t hide neither weirdness nor sadness, but embraces and celebrates both in songs that manage to sound strange and catchy at once. Kudos!

Matching her joy in experimenting, she just released a new edition of her EP; not including „the usual“ collection of remixes for the floor but the complete opposite: the „Chambermix“-Versions are stripped to the bone, starring Winter’s very first love, the piano, and transform the songs into some kind of gloomy musical. And guess what, it’s a perfect match.

Her openness and versatility makes Jessica a perfect candidate to put together the ultimate playlist for us – and that’s what she did, including Arca, Manson, Deftones, Grimes, Sophie and a track-by-track guide:

Jessica Winter (Photo: Nan Moore)

Marilyn Manson – „Beautiful People“ I thought I’d start the playlist with an icon, he has been so inspiring to me my entire life. From his visuals to his mix of industrial, heavy metal and electronic vibes.

Death Grips are constantly pushing boundaries musically – they are serious and they encourage me to always try harder.

Coucou Chloe I love the production of this song, it’s just everything to me.

„Money Machine“ by 100 gecs blew my mind when I first heard it – I still don’t get bored. I love this song so much.

Grimes’ new album has torn a lot of people – I for one love it – this song „Violence“ is such a good going home song – wind in my hair – lost in the night …

Sweat are my friends from South London – this song is so fun live!

SOPHIE – „Is it cold in the water?“ Well, I have no words to express the feeling captured in this song. It does me in. That’s all I can say.

Clipping – „Wriggle“ Next level rap and production.

Jazmin Bean – „War Zone Urchin“ This is my favourite song we’ve done so far in terms of production, although I think „Saccharine“ is a better song – we have two new ones coming soon – one with Zheani.

Zheani is hard as nails, love her, don’t mess with Zheani – this song is my favourite of hers: „Fear is the mind killer“.

Alice Longyu Gao – „Rich Bitch Juice“ This song does what it says on the tin, we started a song recently and I think it’s going to be a good one.

Lyam – „Origami“ (with John Glacier & Shygirl) Lyam is another friend, we met through warp, he’s a talent – hopefully we will work together on something soon.

Deftones This song kills me every time I hear it – puts me straight into a coffin. I love it so much.

Comanavago Brand new duo, they are so fun. They are like the modern day Sparks.

Lynks Afrikka I’ve never had so much fun at a gig before!

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