Thank Me Later – Playlist

Thank Me Later w/ Gordi

Gordi (Photo: Jess Gleeson)

„It’s like you’re in my chest, it’s like you’re in my lungs. Took something ordinary, sent it for a run. The way I need you now is more than to survive, I want to give you an extraordinary life“. Manche Texte lassen die von Musikpromotern gern verwendete Floskel „persönlich“ tatsächlich weniger ausgelutscht erscheinen als üblich. Vor allem, wenn sie von einer Stimme vorgetragen werden, die einen so umarmt wie die von Sophie Payten, besser bekannt als Gordi.

The sincere desire to make other people’s life brighter might be one the reasons why Gordi became Sophie Payten again this summer – Dr. Payten, to be precise. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals are much needed and so the singer, who is a junior doctor in her civic life, answered the call and went back to the hospital to help out.

Empathy and sincerity are the blueprint to Gordis music as well. After a personal crisis and a panic attack she decided to completely change her life and make that painful but liberating process the main topic of her second album „Our Two Skins“. The honesty in her lyrics and the intensity of her voice can seemingly effortless save even an elegiac piano ballad like „Radiator“ from getting cheesy. Beautiful!

All plans coming along with this release have been put on hold, the eagerly awaited tour with Bon Iver has been postponed to 2021 – but exeptional times also deliver exeptional events: the official album launch was streamed from the world famous Sidney Opera House – and with no audience, the dark and deserted hall gave the songs an even more intimate aura. The amazing performance can still be watched online:

We asked Gordi for a playlist with her very own favourites and she replied in her typical unfussy way: „Here is a collection of songs that really inspired me in the lead up to making my second album and kept me company through it all.“

Well, we guess a playlist including artists such as Regina Spektor, Frank Ocean, Amanda Bergman, Perfume Genius and David Gray speaks for itself indeed. We thank Gordi for an extremely beautiful hour of music and highly recommend to complete your listening session with „Our Two Skins“ afterwards. Enjoy!

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