Jlin “Black Origami” (Planet Mu)

The 36th chambers of #jlintruth


Jlin at Moogfest 2016 (Photo by Thomas Venker)

Only two more weeks to go till the long awaited second album of Jerrilynn Patton aka Jlin will finally be available on Planet Mu records. It is titled “Black Origami”, features guest appereances by the ones of William Basinski, Fawkes, Holly Herndon and Dope Saint Jude and is as much the wild and polrhythmic percusion trip as we all hoped for.

Jlin_Cover“Black Origami” is the result of an production process deeply embossed of an artist always in search of the unknown and the challenge. Those of you who follow Jlin on social media should have an representative idea of her axioms and thoughts leading the steps on this path, for all others we prepared a kind of best of #jlintruth.
More soon in our in our upcoming Jlin feature.

  • – “The world is my diary and I have so much to write.”
    – “I have said it before and I will say it again… My gender has nothing to do with my production.”
    – “Turn your sparring into play – but play seriously.” (Bruce Lee)
    – “There is a thin line between your entertainment and my spirituality.”
    – “It’s ok to create music outside just one particular BPM. Go ahead be a flirt with all the BPM’s. Make your main BPM jealous of your side BPMs.”
    – “The pitch control is your friend. She wishes you nothing but good. Don’t be afraid to use her. She love you long time.”
    – “Please mess up during your set, I encourage it. When I mess up during a set it makes me feel better.”
    – “Usually when I don’t want to share something, I just let the person have whatever it is. In this case I don’t feel guilty for not sharing and the other party(ies) are happy.”
    – “Why should I be made to look like the possessive a**hole?”
    – “You can either lead, follow, or get out the way.”
    – “1 2. 3. 4. 1.2 3. 4”
    – “Once I get the bass where it’s suppose to go, and get those drums to fall in line…that’s it.”
    – “Every time I sit down and make a track it’s a struggle. I can’t make 5-10 tracks a day. I don’t produce like that. I’m lucky if I can get 8-16 bars in a day.”
    – “I am not one of those producers that will get on youtube and make it look so easy. For some it maybe super simple, as for me nah. EVERYDAY is a struggle. YES some days I want to give up and question my whole career. Somebody needed to hear this.”
    – “The only individual responsible for your happiness is YOU.”
    – “Is it for the culture or is it for you?”
Jlin killing it

Jlin live at Moogfest 2016 (Photo by Thomas Venker)

  • – “Eye walk a different path.”
    – “Jlin Trick: I play dominoes with the way I place my sounds. Just replace the domino pieces with sounds. No seriously. Ponder on it for a sec. I’m telling for a friend.”
    – “What if the breakdown was the intro?”
    – “Work ethic determines a lot.”
    – “If you work hard, you should definitely play hard.”
    – “If I did a workshop on my sound or technique(s), there would be no equipment of any sort involved. The only thing I would want there is the person/people. I know to some that sounds rather bizarre.”
    – “Everything is not a 1 2 3 4 step.”
    – “I really want to master self, unfortunately it requires the discipline I struggle with daily. That won’t keep me from trying though.”
    – “The same people that love you today can easily hate you tomorrow.”
    – “I don’t have “fans”. I despise that word so much.”
    – “When it is evident, don’t ignore it. It’s evident for a reason.”
    – “Sometimes you really gotta laugh to keep from crying, I swear.”
    – “The protection of your energy is everything. Be the best guardian you can. Please use your Inner-G to do so.”
    – “Man when you finish an album it’s hard, well at least for me. I’m going through all types of internal separation issues. I’m feeling so at a loss here.”
    – “You know what, I use to believe in spankings/whoopings now I don’t. In my opinion it really has no effect, or if it does have an effect it’s the wrong (negative) one.”
    – “You rant with your tongue…I rant with the drum.”
    – “In my experience I have learned that the entire purpose of owning a rhythm is to set it free from the captivity of time and space.”
    – “I found my destiny when I was running trying to avoid it.”
    – “I wish I remembered what I knew inside my Mum’s womb. I knew way more then than I know now.”
    – “The next time somebody laughs at your idea or tries to shoot it down like it will never come to past, just remind yourself that people laughed at Nikola Tesla too. Pay them no mind ”
    – “A stupid decision to you may be a pyramid shift for me…”
    – “Someone else’s accomplishments does not take away from yours. We all can achieve together. Everything is not a competition. We can do great things together or in our own lanes.”
    – “It’s 2017. This “Put Me On” syndrome hasn’t been hot since 2000 never. Like Bones said in Training Day, “You gotta put your own work in around here homie. Nobody owes you anything. #facts”
    – “Yesterday might have been rough, but you’re still here. You’re still in the fight which means you’re a lot stronger than you think.”
    – “Well done better than well said.”
    – “I haven’t done this in a while but…. Jlin Method: Sometimes to complicate a sequence, I’ll make 3 minor instruments cut off 3 major instruments either on the 7th or 8th bar of the sequence. I do this is to open up the option to make the flow change directions suddenly. For me this method keeps the flow of the song still in place but presents a moment of surprise and spontaneity at the same time. Nothing deep just something I do. I hope you innerstand. Have a great day ”
    – “You know it’s bad when your label tells you to stop working for a change…LOL.”
    – “There is NOTHING like owning monitors that you can hear the high’s, mids, and lows evenly. Not one or two better than the other. Favoritism monitors just don’t cut it for me anymore.”

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