Thomas Venker

Mixed Timeline Feelings

And now, to keep up with the world of all the things, let’s see what Facebook reckons I really oughta know, RIGHT NOW:

Acclaimed German theatrical designer Bert Neumann has died.

The Boiler Room comes at you direct from Dekmantel Festival.

The inevitable death of a migrant at Eurotunnel entrance…

Christopher Walken (still) needs more cow bells.

Mexican photographer Rubén Espinosa has been brutally murdered ….

Vice on the marathon-partying generation

Germany puts news-site on trial for “treason”:

Relax! It’s just the cutest food ever (the internet might now be complete. #phew)

The genius musical choices within the work of Stanley Kubrick…

The wild side of Berlin’s Wedding Festival…

… that, and of course countless holiday snaps, righteous personal ruminations, air-travel woe-sharing… and all the other timeline filling entries.

This torrent of stuff (sorry, “content” to use the correct media term) we encounter daily has become pretty insane. In the pre-internet days, one would never ever have jumped between this melée of topics and tones in just a few minutes. Yet now we are subjected to the deadly, the hysterical, the laughable and the insane in an unstoppable merry-go-round. Even the supposedly serious posts are often nothing more than a bit of status-enhancing puffery (funny how the Facebook algorithm isn’t yet clever enough to hide those…)

Yes, our own interests and social circles determine what is thrown at us, but the blend is, despite the finest Silicon Valley engineering, rather mental. An important artist is dead, some pasta in a dish looks a bit like a badger, a man is killed trying to escape a country, and here’s a rabbit that sounds like Donald Trump. It’s too much to take in, and somehow too little to matter. Do I ask too much for a little consistency of tone?


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