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Thank Me Later w/ Alfie Templeman

Alfie Templeman by Blackksocks

After a little break we’re back to present a new edition of our weekly playlists put together by artists we love. This week we feature a guy right from the top of our wishlist: british pop sensation Alfie Templeman. Sweet seventeen but no newbie to the music scene.

Starting at the age of 15, Alfie quickly attracted attention, his first EP – written, played and produced in his bedroom – already was a smasher, but just a first impression of what’s to expect in the future. A new EP will be out next month and then, hopefully, in an after-Corona-life, he will be on tour to conquer the world. No doubt, 2021 will be Alfie’s big year.

We asked him to put together a playlist of his favourite music and he sent us a list that can be seen as a statement: Bowie, Zappa, CAN, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Jinsang, Emitt Rhodes – a delight for every music lover. And, as if to prove his reputation as “the nicest guy in music”, Alfie himself takes you by the hand to lead you through his favourite songs with a track by track guide:

Alfie Templeman by Blackksocks

1. I love Bowie. I want to change like he did as I get older- have alter egos and make banging tracks. This is one of many incredible, versatile tracks he made.

2. Satire is as important as love when it comes to songwriting. I’ve only touched it briefly with ‘Sunday Morning Cereal’ but I’m bound to again. This guy knows how it’s done, especially here.

3. CAN are so interesting as each one of them bring a whole different dynamic and sound to their records due to their musical backgrounds. That’s why I love Krautrock and why I love expanding and working with other people now and then.

4. Obscure, criminally underrated 70s rock and roll. A real rawness, 1 guitar, 1 bass, 1 drums and vocals. Insane soloing here!

5. Pioneering 70s songwriter, love this guy and how he changed with every album he put out. This song is awesome.

6. Probably Emitt’s most known song. Then again it’s not that famous but it sure should be. Like Todd (most of the time), he does the records by himself. Beatles vibe here.

7. I play rhythm guitar exactly like this. Loved Big Star since I started high school. They soundtracked all my heartbreaks and homework assignments.

8. I love Mac DeMarco. Probably obvious.

9. Wicked chord progressions, and I love everything Kevin Parker has ever done anyway.

10. This song sounds like a cool psychedelic trip into space.

11. I think Loving and Jons share a member, David Parry. He’s a huge influence to me, I give you a million reasons why but I love the whole saturated tape effect and tuning everything slightly up effect that these guys have. This is one of my favourite songs ever made.

12. Jinsang also soundtracked my high school days. Everything this low-profile Californian beat-maker puts out always makes me feel nostalgic whether it’s over my past or things that never even happened. This song has just a real vibe.

13. I was about 8 when I first heard this and it probably explains why I’m so weird. I love Rush with my whole damn heart. This is an 18 minute masterpiece.

14. This is a prog JAM! I love this track because it has so many cool keyboard climaxes that work with the drums and the bass so well.

15. Gorgeous track, mellotrons are amazing and this proves it.

16. Pierre Moerlen brought a really cool French Funk Pop element to gong that I really love as it binds together really well with their modern jazz and progressive psychedelic rock origins.

17. This is why I love electric piano so much. Once again Todd is God.

18. So mystifying, so fresh and clean.

19. The best recorded album of all time, in my opinion. This song is what progressive jazz rock is all about. A journey from start to finish.

20. Me and my dad used to always play this in the car. Jimmy’s guitar playing really inspired me as a kid, as did Bonham’s drums. Huge track.

21. A really subtle soft rock/ indie track. I love the lyrics and the way Cohen sings.

We guess, there’s not much more to wish for. Thank you, Alfie. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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