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Record of the Week

Hendrik Otremba „Riskantes Manöver”

Hendrik schreit und singt und bildet und spielt und schreibt und liest und theoretisiert und, und, u…

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Beate Bartel / Gudrun Gut / Bettina Köster

Die M_Dokumente: Mania D., Malaria!, Matador

Mania D., Malaria, Matador: Mehr als bloß den Anfangsbuchstaben und die personellen Kontinuitäten …

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M_Dokumente – Pre-Print – Malaria! ( 1981—1984 )

Bettina Köster: “Everything came easily. We never put an effort into getting any deals”

We found a kitten behind empty boxes in our rehearsal room on Paul-Lincke-Ufer. We called her Malari…

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Gut und Irmler

Düsseldorfer Momente

Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler talk in this video feature on acts of artistic cooperation somewh…

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Gudrun Gut / Hans-Joachim Irmler - Insolvency & Pop

“I prefer to be as poor as a churchmouse, I’m not willing to lose my principles.”

Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler of Faust open their accounts for our Insolvency & Pop series. …

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