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Martha Rose & Allen Paisley – video premiere + short interview

Martha Rose & Allen Paisley: “It Doesn’t Matter”

"I've always dreamed of making a clip involving the cosmos. I originally wanted to dress up as this …

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Ozan Tekin – Video premiere "Flutter (Ballad of July)“

Ozan Tekin: Embracing the uncertainty

"Being from Turkey makes you naturally armed about how to deal with some uncertainties. Coming acros…

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Younis Clare / Richard Wynn

Video Talkin “I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye”

Brilliant Australian pop starlet Younis Clare has penned a rather delicious new single which could f…

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Lena Willikens

„Phantom Delia“ video premiere

Kaput-collager-in-chief Sarah Szczesny takes us with „Phantom Delia“ on a journey into the world…

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