Martha Rose & Allen Paisley – video premiere + short interview

Martha Rose & Allen Paisley: “It Doesn’t Matter”

Still from the video to “It Doesn’t Matter“ by Allen Paisley.

Today we are excited to present you the brand new video to “It Doesn’t Matter“ by Martha Rose, released on Martin Hossbach. The clip was produced by Allen Paisley.
The two were so kind to answer some questions.

Martha, the song is an ode to the star constellation of Orion (quote from info: »I recorded this song in a kind of trance induced by the depths of winter. The snow was settling in, the canals were frozen, the moon was huge, and Orion seemed to look down at me every night, telling me not to worry about my little human problems – none of it mattered. I felt a deep sense of tenderness, alongside loneliness. I was grappling with strange emotions, swinging between a soft and comforting nihilism, and my determination to love myself, love others, and appreciate all the wonders of the cosmos.«) – are the stars of high importance for your personal and artistic life?

Martha Rose: I have always had a personal awe for the stars, yeah. I still remember the first time I really looked up at them as a child, and had my first existential thoughts. It was 1997, I was 10, the comet Hale-Bop flew past the earth, it somehow felt like a big moment. My grandad had just bought me my first ( and I think they were my last ) pair of football boots, and I had just planted a blackcurrant bush in my mum’s allotment.
Many years later my crush and I stood outside smoking a cigarette in a garden, on a wintery holiday. We silently looked at the constellation of Orion in the Sussex sky. The next day he had to leave, and I stood there alone. I noticed that Orion had moved slightly to the right. I suppose I just love to save these images, as a kind of personal Almanac. I’m not really that scientific about it.

Do you read your horoscope?
Martha: I do enjoy to read my horoscope. I like to read horoscopes aloud with friends too, and chat about them together. Last time we did that we all found out some stuff about each other that we never knew we never knew.

Do you analyze the star setting and their influence on your life?
Martha: I don’t really analyse it no, I think I just notice things when they pop out to me, or I enjoy to read about it when I’m facing big decisions or questioning myself, just to get another perspective.

Allen, how did you end up working together with Martha Rose for this clip?
Allen Paisley: I’ve known Martha since I first moved to Berlin. When I started making animations we always discussed working on something together. She sent me the song and I thought it was so good, the idea for the video came immediately.

How did you approach your work on the “It Doesn’t Matter“ clip?
Allen: At first, Martha and I discussed making a star character for the video. When I listened to the song, it took me to those late nights, slow dancing in your bedroom, maybe wishing upon a star…

 Did you create this sweet yellow star exclusively for the clip or did he/she already exist somewhere in your picture universe?
Allen: It’s a new character that I created for Martha. I tried to capture the wistfulness of the song while also being undeniably cute. 

Is there a real room existing that inspired you for the clip room?
Allen: Yes, elements of the room are taken from my current room in Berlin. Also, some elements are based on a dream room that I would have wanted growing up. Mainly, the white shag carpet, I always loved walking around barefoot on long carpeting like that.

Martha, what`s your thoughts about the clip by Allen Paisley?
Martha: I love it! It was so fun to work with someone who could take things to outer space, I’ve always dreamed of making a clip involving the cosmos. I originally wanted to dress up as this little star, but I’m so glad Allen animated it instead, he offered me so many more possibilities than I ever could have created with cardboard and paint, and equipped the star with some handy moon boots.

Are the room and the dancing star fitting the universe you had in mind with your music?
Martha: Yes, especially for this song. They fit in with my dedication to the Casio (and Yamaha Keyboards) in general, and a kind of LoFi 80s aesthetic. The star and its bedroom have a naive and nostalgic style combined with a futuristic journey through space that I really appreciate. I love that it listens to the single on cassette, and that it knows how to cheer itself up.

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