Mr.Subtitle feat. Jamie Lidell – Yeti Park

Viktor Marek, general manager at large of Hamburgs finest venue Golden Pudel Club, just released under his Mr Subtitle imprint his newest album “The Lucky Bag of Viktor Marek”.
What to expect?
Cryptic pop for the fourth dimension and beyond – produced together with such fine artists as Bêja Netirk, Don Colfit, Les soers Doga, Pédro Kouyaté, Carla Riveros Eißmann, A guy from Mercato di Ballarò and Jamie Lidell. 

Mr. Subtitle is a self described “translator of cultures. An overcomer of distances. A humanistic spirit of research and comic hero who encounters many artists and cultures” with his art.
Well, there waits an album to be checked out named “The Lucky Bag of Viktor Marek”:

But first do not miss the videoclip to “Yeti Park”, a collaboration with the mighty Jamie Lidell.
Just yesterday I saw a post by Peter Wittkamp for his new book “Der Desinformator” (published together with Pia Frey), delivering 125.000 conspiracy theories, easily produced yourself by a 3×50 card spiral binding, just like in that old child game we all played where one started drawing a head, the next (without seeing the head) a throat and so on – just that here all parts are already created and now just recombined.
Why I tell this? Well, cause  Markus S. Fiedler produced a con-genius videoclip to “Yeti Park” working with the same trick. And now: enjoy the clip.


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