Chee Shimzu on his label 17853

“I am waiting for chances to appear. I am not in a hurry.“

Chee Shimzu, dj, producer, label owner, record seller, compilation curator and author leads us through the catalogue of his imprint 17853.

Chee-Shimzu_01Riccardo Sinigaglia „Works 1976-1981: Scorerevole“ (RFLP001, 2015)
These two songs were originally released on the italian label ADM – Auf dem Nil. I went to Milano to meet the label owner Piero , an older person of around 55, around four years ago to buy records from him for internet shop. At this time I did not think of doing a label by myself. But he showed me all those records he released on tape on his own label in the 1980s. Really good music. So I told him I want to publish a vinyl version of this music – and surprisingly he told me to to do so! So he connected me with Riccardo Sinigaglia, who gave me those two tracks as a start for the label.

Chee-Shimzu_06Synth Sisters „Aube“ (RFLP002, 2016)
The Synth Sisters are two japanese girls from Osaka, old friends of mine, they are also involved in a project which goes by the name of Crossbred. Their synthesizer music comes in the tradition of Tangerine Dream.
I met them eleven years ago when we all were booked for a party. They released the album „Aube“ originalle three years ago on cd on the label Dovalife – but again: I really wanted a vinly version. You have to catch them live if you have the chance.

Chee-Shimzu_07Miyako Koda „In the Shadow of Jupiter“ (RFMLP003, 2016)
The story behind this release is really good. I was thinking of releasing the „On Retinae“ 12-Inch of Dip in the Pool, the project of Tatsjui Kimura and Miyako Koda – but my friends Tako Reyenga, Abel Nagengast and Jamie Tiller of Music From Memory told me that they already have a contract with them. Through my work on a planned HMV reissue (which did not work out in the end cause of major label copyright problems) I met them later and as they know my name through the Music From Memory connection we had a a good starting point. Later on they called me that they still have a track and own the license rights and suggest to do it together.

Chee-Shimzu_03Hiroshi Yoshimura „Pier & Loft“ (RFLP004, 2017)
Hiroshi Yoshimura is an japanese Ambient music artist who died 14 years ago. When I started the label, he was the artist I wanted to work with so hard. But I did not know how to make this happen. But one day I saw that my friend’s store was selling a cd reissue of music by him. I asked him how – and he connected me with his wife. She did not know about me at that stage, but I told her how much I like the music of him. So she agreed to a meeting at her place in Tokyo. We talked for about half of a day and she told me many storys about him. Some of them are included in the original linernotes from 1983. His music was not popular back then at all. But Hiroshi Yoshimura was professional musician, not only in his own rights, he produced also make music für museums, radio stations and stores – in other words: he was a real Ambient musicians.
I was not the first person to come by at their house. Others already visited her before me. There is a movement now. She is 72 years old now, a real lady. She was editor of a magazine back in the days. When I made artwork for the release, she told me „Chee, that is not good enough! We have to make better!“ But in the end she was thankful and stated me a good work.

Chee-Shimzu_05Future plans?
I lost the energy to do reiusses. It feels like a dog race with all the hype around them right now. So I wanna release new music now. I am waiting for good things to happen – that´s how all my released so far happened.
Well, one thing I am able to tell you. There will soon be a release by a band called Colored Music, aboy and girl duo. I worked in the past for a 7-inch on HMV with them – the release comeswith an interview as I had so man questions for them how they produced the music. During the meeting they mentioned unreleased music and accepted my offer to release it.









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