Primavera Sound 2017

Aphex Twin, Grace Jones, Gas….

Die sieben Highlight-Momente des diesjährigen Primavera Sound Festival.

1. Aphex Twin
Another dangerous encounter of the first kind with this boy, featuring both, his own material and songs from sisters from different mothers.

2. Royal Trux
Well, I would have loved to see them in harmony on stage, but that was out of the league that afternoon. But still, I mean: Royal Trux!

3. Grace Jones
The ultimative popstar. Nothing less. So cool, so funny and a perfect show (especially as she knows exactly when to be slightly of the field).


Grace Jones

4.  Gas
Wolfgang Voigt was maybe not placed on the most fitting stage for this project, but still he managed to make one forget where you are and getting lost in his German Forest.



5. Annette Peacock
A woman and her piano and some effects. Quite a surprise to see Annette Peacock in this set-up, but a beautiful one. One hour of darkness with music.


Annette Peacock

6.  Descendents
Let´s call it the fanboy moment. Young people may have wondered, why old people lost it to even older people loosing it – but deep inside our bodes we are all for always those 15-year-old skate-punk-boys who singalong to “Never Grow Old” and “Silly Girl”.

7. The endless closing party with Hivern
When you find the ones like Vladimir Ivkovic, Young Marco, Lauer, Dave P, Don´t Dj on one lineup, and when John Talabot plays one of his disco sets, you must be down with Hivern at Primavera.
Again: best floor of the festival. And what happened in the last two hours under the musical direction of Dj Dustin (from Giegeling) was simply magic: seduction with music.
After that the after-party in a local speed-techno-venue added, well, quite some new experiences to my catalogue of social interactions, soundtracked by a b2b-set of Vladimir Ivkovic and Young Marco.


Vladimir Ivkovic



Young Marco and Vladimir Ivkovic in the process of searching for a dance floor to keep on keeping on


Where is the door to the dungeon?


Primavera says goodbye with John Talabot & Axel Boman aka Talaboman and lots of light.


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